What To Look For When Buying Sheets

BollandIf you had the opportunity to buy quality and luxury sheets would you know what to look for?
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Sheets With a Simple, Sophisticated Style
When people usually think of luxury, images of opulent mansions, spa resorts, private jets, and exotic automobiles may come to mind. With those types of big-picture images, it can be easy to forget about the smaller details that contribute to staging a magnificent scene. But luxury does not always have to come packaged in such a showy display. In fact, It can be as streamlined and simple as you prefer.  Types of sheets High on the Quality, Low on the Pizzazz
Not everyone with discernible taste and a penchant for high quality requires a flashy presentation with all of the bells and whistles. Sometimes, simplicity speaks louder and makes a bolder statement than something completely over-the-top and in your face. Deciding on a sleek style and smooth lines basically boils down to understanding the key factors responsible for good quality sheets.

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Get to Know Your Fabrics
The kind of fabric you choose will be a direct reflection of your personal taste and preference in style. Although the choices can be overwhelming, it is up to the consumer to do the research to find out which material represents the sort of sophisticated simplicity that still incorporates a feeling of luxury.

The Cotton Family
One of the most popular and commonly used fabrics manufactured in the world is none other than cotton. It has been a staple in the bedding industry for decades with its excellent breathability properties and temperature regulation components. Cotton can keep you cool in the warmer seasons and warm when it is cold outside. When combined with polyester, this blend becomes a super durable powerhouse.

However, the king of all cotton hails from the continent of Africa. Egyptian cotton has remained the gold standard and continues to dominate with its extremely soft texture combined with its highly durable nature.

Got Linens?
Whether it is from Belgium or Italy, nothing speaks to sophistication more than classic linen. If Egyptian cotton is the king, then linen is its successor to the throne, or at the very least, a close cousin. It has a very similar supple feel and texture to its competitor as well as a comparable price point. It absorbs access moisture in warmer climates, which will help to keep you, as well as your style, cool and fresh. The best part is that the fabric only gets softer with every wash, so your investment can truly go the distance.

There is no need to attempt to strike a balance between simplicity and luxury when you can have them both. Once you know your style, implementing it will be just as comforting and easy as a restful night’s sleep.

What brand have you had the best experience with?
What are the softest sheet brands?

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