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Video Event Recording Services  Bloomsbury Films

As long as video cameras have been available, people have video recorded special events. Older black and white, wind up movie cameras gave way to battery operated cameras. Old “Super 8mm” cameras were replaced with large VHS, shoulder mounted machines. These eventually gave way to modern digital cameras and even smart phones.

The desire to capture and preserve important events such as weddings, anniversaries, births and graduations is nothing new. Technology has changed making it easier and more economical to record important events.

While many choose to simply put a digital camera on a tripod in the corner of a wedding room, more and more people are choosing to hire a professional videographer to film special occasions. According to the wedding advice website, 39 percent of couples now videograph their wedding.

As with a photographer, the cost of a videographer is budgeted by the event host. There are several advantages to using a professional video company.


The recording equipment of a professional video company, such as Bloomsbury Films, is of far higher quality than even the most expensive home video equipment on the market today. Modern cameras used by videographers will record in HD and 4k formats and long distance zoom lenses. The video “shake” common to most consumer quality cameras is nonexistent in the professional quality equipment.

Special event video is often recorded at a distance, especially in church settings. The ability to pick up soft voices and other sounds from afar requires a high quality audio capture component. The larger, more sensitive audio microphones found in professional cameras are often necessary at distances.

Expertise of the Videographer

As with photography, videographing is an art form. Experienced videographers will attempt to record the essence of the event. Weddings are often recorded in a different manner than a funeral. Corporate events will look for different acts to record than a social event. The professional videographer understands that the event is a story and will help determine how to best portray it.

Video Editing

To finish the final product, most videographers use high tech editing equipment to enhance quality and provide appropriate special effects. Background light can be subdued and background noises can be muted. Musical scores can be inserted, a professional narrative can be dubbed and a combination of still photos and video can be combined to enhance the final product.

Many event planners prefer to skip the expense of professional video recording. Others choose to preserve the event in the highest quality possible and ensure the recording lasts a lifetime.

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