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Bloggers Have The Power To Shout Breast Cancer Awareness“Bloggers Have The Power To Convey Important Messages”

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month”Bloggers Have The Power to share the message breast cancer awareness month

Together each year more women & men can learn about Breast Cancer and the warning signs and more cancer can be cured!!  More research can be is being done!

The best way to fight breast cancer is for early detection and I have found an Iphone app that can help you to remember to do certain things for your protection.

You can create a schedule to remind you to do self breast exams, when to get your clinical mammography, based on your age and health history.
It is an application you download to your phone, you design the reminders,then the app will encourage you to follow through, so during our busy lives you won’t forget. Please share this information with your friends and family!!

Iphone App Breast Cancer App For Reminders To Get Your Mammograms

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Learn about EDF
Early Detection 
Find a Clinic With your Zipcode
Find Press Releases See Who is Supporting Research-What Companies
Find out how you can can show support; Here at How You Can Help

Visit The Founder Janelle Hale’s Website for National Breast Cancer
Visit Facebook for updates and read more National Breast Cancer Research

And to share one of my friends, how Holly Bertone fought and won the battle of Breast Cancer over at Coconut Survival

This post is for information and in no way am I linked to, paid or compensated for my message, only to convey an important message of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

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