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Bedroom Decor Inspiration: Print and Pattern

Prints, florals and stripes are a great way to decorate your bedroom if you don’t like to stick to traditional patterns. There is a wide selection of print and pattern designs that can be implemented in any room, big or small. The difficult part is getting the right combination. If design patterns are giving you a hard time, let us help you. See if you can get inspired by the ideas we offer here. Bedroom-decor-insiration

The first thing you need to think about is variation. Decide whether you are going to use one print and pattern or a variety of patterns and consider whether the one fits the other. Using too many patterns may create a total mess of colors and designs.

Another thing to consider is whether you are going to use the print all over the walls or in a particular area. If you don’t want to decorate every inch of the walls you can create an accent wall behind your bed or where your dressing table is. Of course, the choice is all yours and it will be determined by the things you want to accent, the purpose of your bedroom makeover and – of course – your personal preferences. Choose carefully the pattern so that it fits the design of your bedroom. You don’t want anything too dark or two kitschy, or, for that matter, anything that will make sleeping difficult.

Choose Color Palette
The next thing to dwell on is color. It is important to balance between light and dark colors. You may play with bold colors as well. Again, it’s totally up to you to select the color scheme you like best. Since it’s the bedroom you want to decorate, it’s important to go for a color palette that isn’t irritating. Even if you don’t spend lots of time in that particular room, you’re still going to sleep in there. If a design can keep you awake all night, that is reason enough to opt for another one. Choose wisely and carefully. Perhaps it’s best to steer clear of trendy patterns because once they die, you may end up hating how your bedroom looks. Instead, select a traditional pattern. If traditional simply isn’t fun for you, then pick something else but stay away from anything that is likely to vanish next year.

Think Out of The Box

Apart from walls, print and pattern designs can be used on objects. Instead of applying this design on your wall, you can choose to highlight a specific part of the bedroom. For example, you can use it on bedside lamps, cushions, carpets, curtains, vases, décor pieces and others. This is a great option if you are not brave enough to paint the walls and change the whole look of the room forever (or until you repaint it). If there comes a day when you don’t like that particular style anymore, you can easily – and most importantly cost-effectively – replace the objects with new. Getting rid of cushions and vases is way simple and time-saving than repainting the walls.

Repeat Patterns
If there is a particular pattern you are really fond of, don’t hesitate to repeat it throughout your bedroom. Remember not to carry it too far though. What you need to do is pick a few accent objects. For example, you may apply the pattern to your bed cover, chairs and curtains. Another idea is to print the pattern on one of the walls and your carpet. The beauty of a design is in the detail. Spread your imagination.

No matter the design you choose, it has to be something that doesn’t get you cleaning for hours. Think not just creative, but also practical. So, let’s get to work. Hope you now have an idea of what your print and pattern décor could look like.

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