Beauty Series: Epilator vs. Waxing?

Epilator vs. Waxing?

Hair removal has become a nightmare for women and is becoming one for men as well, as full-body removal is getting more and more important. What is the big deal? Facial hair is unattractive in women, and excessive body hair is repulsive in both sexes. Body hair can transform what could have been a promising intimate / sexual encounter to a worst-case scenario beyond your wildest imagination. It is also unhygienic. People who don’t remove their armpit hair sweat more. Deodorant isn’t as effective if you don’t get rid of your armpit hair. And let’s not even mention pubic hair.

Now that I have convinced you of the benefits of hair removal let’s discuss the hair removal options. The two most common are epilating and waxing, as the title suggests. There is also shaving and hair removal cream. Now, onto the pros and cons of each.


Why should you choose a Remington epilator? This great alternative to waxing uses tweezers instead of blades, guaranteeing the hair won’t grow back so fast. Each Remington model has its own distinct features depending on which body hair you want to focus on. For example, models with a facial epilator attachment come with double tweezers for a more efficient and quicker hair removal process. Most of these models have up to 50 tweezers for quicker hair removal, can operate with or without a cord (can run on batteries), have special attachments for large areas such as legs and arms, offer ergonomic design for convenient handling and more than one speed option for easier handling when dealing with coarse or fine hair.

Remington epilators are great for sensitive skin. They don’t pinch the skin. If you press it down too hard accidentally, it will stop rotating to prevent skin nicking. Just make sure you use a moisturizer after epilating your face as you may experience bumps and break out.




Leg Waxing

Image: Mia Bella Salon and Day Spa

The advantage of waxing is that hair can take a bit longer to regrow. It’s faster as well. The downsides? It’s hard to maintain a home waxing kit unless you are a pro. Cold waxes don’t really work – only on fine hair – and how waxes need to be stored in a special way, heated up in a special way, cooled down in a special way, etc. and if you don’t do it right, the whole kit could become useless. The really effective kits are pretty expensive. The waxing process itself is complicated. If you don’t keep the wax on long enough, it won’t remove the hair. If you keep it on too long, it will burn the skin and stay on it. Then you will be stuck with red, irritated, sticky skin. It will look bad on your face and be very painful on more sensitive areas like the genitals. What is the first thought you have when you hear “bikini wax”? Pain? That is no accident.

You can go to a salon to get it done, but that’ll be really expensive.   


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