Basic Beauty Dos and Don’ts for College Students

Basic beauty dos and don’ts for college students.

Basic Beauty Dos and Don’ts for College Students

It’s a matter of fact that college students are not only thorough learners and essay writers, but also want to look trendy and stylish. Today we’ll let you take a break from your hard studying and talk only about how to look fabulous spending neither too much time nor too much money. To find various good topics for your new essays quickly, visit this link:

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So, again back to beauty and fashion. Here are some easy tips both for college guys and girls who want to look almost as trendy as Hollywood actors, but are too busy and limited in means. Basic Beauty Dos and Don't For College Students

Beauty dos and don’ts for guys

  • If you want to become a stylish dude but don’t have money to pay enormous barber shop bills, wear a beard! Whatever color of hair, eyes, height or weight you have this will be an ultimate win-win. It’s quite trendy nowadays to wear a beard, and one should be extremely meticulous to detect whether you are a golden client of a luxury barber or just a college student who won’t shave every day. Moreover, there are almost no defects of appearance a good beard can’t hide.
  • And here go some basic don’ts. Don’t wear socks with sandals. Gym shorts and tracksuits are a huge “no” if not in the gym. Shiny outfits are for circus acrobats, cute non-serious pop singers, Sir Elton John… whoever but not you. It’s quite okay to wear this all if you don’t care what people think about your appearance, but you care, do you?
  • Have at least one stylish festive costume and a matching pair of shoes.
  • Clean your shoes religiously. Guys in shining shoes are awesome, not depending on how much these shoes cost.

Beauty do’s and don’ts for college girls

  • Learn to do your makeup in 5 minutes. You’re still young and don’t need any advanced cosmetics to look beautiful. Concealer, powder, mascara – basically, that’s all you need. Furthermore, the millennial girls tend to do without makeup at all. More and more pop stars, actresses and female TV show hosts refuse to wear makeup, because it’s uncomfortable, unhealthy and eats their precious time.
  • Save some good money by doing manicure and pedicure on your own, not having it done in beauty salons. There are zillions of YouTube lessons, just watch and learn! And if you’re too short of time, just cut your nails carefully and accept that it’s okay even to do without any manicure, it really is. The manicure’s level of vital importance is hardly higher than zero.
  • Never ever go to bed having mascara on your eyes. Even if you’re super tired, lay it out! The consequences of going to bed with makeup are deplorable if not worse.
  • Don’t share your lip gloss or mascara with other girls. This is definitely non-hygienic.
  • Have at least one festive dress and a matching pair of shoes.
  • Don’t wash your hair every time you go to the shower, especially when it’s long and thick. You simply don’t need to wash your hair that often. This will be a real time saver for you.
  • Try to avoid too many gels and hairsprays for your hair styling. They cost a fortune and are not healthy for your hair and skin.
  • If you want to save even more time, wear a short hairdo, it’s trendy and extremely comfortable.

And here come some of the unisex tips you should remember:

  • Have several pairs of fine jeans and T-shirts. They are quite universal and will never go out of fashion.
  • Second-hand will become your new best friend if you are a college student. But you shouldn’t get carried away by some fancy clothing for hippies. Although comfortable to wear and a kind of “original” hippie outfit won’t suit everyone, and hardly anyone will appreciate such a sophisticated style in XXI century.
  • Eat as clean as you can. Fruits, veggies, little to no processed food, little to no alcohol. Your organism will thank you for that and your radiant face will be its first visible gratitude.
  • Use multifunctional hygiene and beauty products. It’s both much cheaper and takes less space.
  • Be your own tailor and designer! Learn to sew and knit new fashionable dresses, trousers, and sweaters for yourself and your friends. There’s no better birthday present than a handmade piece of clothing. Read some good books and journals to find best ways to learn and best items to make. Moreover, you can design something lovely by yourself. Yep, this tip is also unisex. Don’t forget that most of the world-famous designers are male, and they CAN sew.

In general, being stylish is almost as time-consuming as writing an essay. You’ll learn to manage your style and beauty needs very quickly if you practice a lot.

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