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I was on the Pinterest last week and saw a recipe that really caught my eye, hum Im sure you have done that too right? Well any way it sounded so good I finally had to try it. Have you ever had the opportunity to try making pancakes or waffles with bacon in? Well this morning my husband ask for waffles so this was my opportunity to try the “bacon” in the waffles. The flavor with the chopped bacon was wonderful, we liked the flavors mingled with the syrup, I know some people dont. My father-in-law used to eat Catsup on his, I wouldnt care for that. What is your favorite way?Bacon in your waffles So Im sure that you have made pancakes or waffles with additions, but I just had to share my new comfort food. I have added chopped walnuts to the batter for both waffles and pancakes topped them with fresh fruit but never added bacon.09ff036a01e948f1b34b0c6ae0592c76

The way I see it is you can add anything your craving, how would chocolate chips be, or chopped nuts, now I need to try those too.

When my kids were young we used to have waffles for dinner, that was always good. How about for dessert, waffles with a topping of ice cream, drizzled with chocolate or strawberry, you make the choice. Or a Banana Split Waffle? What have you made with waffles?

And if Bacon is not your thing, then how about Vanilla Waffles topping with
Fresh Fruit Salsa from Homegrown and HealthyHome Grown and healthy-Waffles


, Thanks Sarah!1103047i9y6tsxtri Divider

Now here is another of my favorite way for waffles// Cinnamon Pecan Waffles made with buttermilk,cinnamon and pecans as Shannon from as Cozy Country Living, nothing good be better with some chopped nuts on a bit of Cool-Whip.Cinnamon-Pecan-Waffles-Cozy-Country-Living

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Love Ok so More Bacon=== all the things cooks think of doing, I saw this on Pinterest as well and had to give it a try and guess what folks………..It Works!! Its the best way to make a Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich and you get bacon in every bite!!! Or any sandwich you would want bacon on, like roasted chicken with bacon, like those fast food places oh and check out the Pinco photo below of even more bacon ideas. Bacon Woven Into Every Bite

Make bacon cups, weave into a potato, make into a taco for breakfast oh my the possibilities are endless. So how do you use bacon??  Do you have a bacon post, share it in comments we want to see what you

You Never Know How Much You Like Bacon,
Until You Have No More Bacon!

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