Arctic Cold Caps For Prevention of Hair Loss

“I was reading in the paper the other day and in Dr. Oz and Roizen Health Advise they wrote about something I had never heard of and thought that would be of interest to anyone going into certain types of chemotherapy and that could help to stop hair loss. Quote: “It was originally for breast cancer but the Food and Drug Administration announced recently that should cheer folks undergoing certain types of chemo.  Ice Caps—they’re really called cooling caps— have been approved for expanded use.  They help to prevent hair loss by anyone undergoing chemo for a solid tumor.  They’re highly effective 50 to 65% of the time. ”

Arctic Cold Caps

Image: Arctic Cold

“How it works is a computer-controlled system circulates a cool gel 15- 40º Fahrenheit through a cap thats placed on your hear. It helps to prevent hair loss by constricting blood vessels in the scalp, reducing the amount of chemo that reaches the hair follicles.”

I decided to search and found a website called “Arctic Cold Caps” and they have a plethora of information with lots of testimonials to read. But there were many more when I search cold caps. There are newspaper articles that could be looked up as well. They seem to be well documented. And I Googled, “cooling caps chemo”.

Heaven forbid that any of us would need this, but I thought it was so interesting I wanted to share.

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