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Ancient and Modern Bathing Suits

If you are a woman who is currently planning a trip to the beach, then there are probably a few things on your mind. While it is important to ensure that you have ample amounts of sunscreen, food, water, and perhaps a surf board or volleyball, the thing that you are probably most concerned about is what you are going to wear. You want to choose a bathing suit that you feel comfortable wearing, and will make you look good. You are fortunate to be born in a day and age where there are many options for you to choose from. Stores that sell bathing suits are full of styles and patterns that will look good on your specific figure, and make a statement about your personality.

It may surprise you to learn that bathing suits are not an invention of the 20th century; their history goes all the way back to the Greeks and the Romans. Even the women who lived in Victorian England had a very specific type of gown that was considered proper to wear while they went swimming. The following infographic provides interesting details about how the bathing suit went from being a toga that was worn in a bath house to a bikini that is worn on the beach. Read this infographic and you will learn interesting facts about women throughout the ages. beallsflorida_source

Do You Remember These Bathing Suits?

Pattern 2

Source//Google Search For Bathing Suits of the Past

Bathing Suit Pattern 1

Source//Google Search For Bathing Suits of the Past


Source//Google Search For Bathing Suits of the Past


         Source//1930’s Women’s Bathing Suits

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