Add a Touch of French Style to Your Interiors

When it comes to fashion, style and interior designing, the French have a je ne sais quoi. In other words, they surely know all about quality and aesthetic appeal.Touch of French Style to Your Interiors

While we’re still unsure as to how they are blessed with such a talent, one thing is for certain: French style has rapidly grown to become one of the most sought after interior designs that combine luxury and serenity with affordability.
French interior designs are a perfect blend of elegance and warmth. A home with French interiors looks as comfortable and luxurious as it seems to be warm and welcoming. If you’re looking to add the perfect French touch to your home, here are a few things you need to consider:
French-Style-Interior-Design Elegance
Apart from the perfect shoes, bags and colognes, the French know how to add an exquisite touch to their homes. It is not always over-the-top choice materials, but mainly things that look elegant (though they may not necessarily be expensive). This means that you can begin with layering your floors with rugs, dress your windows with floor-to-ceiling drapery, use linen or high quality cotton and stick to the classic (vintage) look to add elegance to your home.

antique couch, antique furnitureFurniture
Even though you can do with reasonably priced curtains and custom paints, you need to invest in top quality upholstery. In the longer run, investment in high quality furniture will be beneficial. Not only will it give your home the look it deserves, it will also stand the test of time and you will not have to get it repaired or replaced every few months.

castle-furniture Antiques
Timeless elegance and essence of quality are some of the many things French antiques can offer your home. Whether it involves the curves of Louis XV-style buffet or post-Revolution tapestry, collector items are definitely worth investing in. The best feature of French antiques is that they compliment all sorts of interior designs- be it an exclusive mansion or a cabin in the woods. Each antique adds flair to your home décor.Antique Furniture Dressing Table Antique Glitz & Glamour
There is nothing that speaks more about quality French interior deco
ration than gold and other valuable material ornaments. By installing crystal chandeliers, classic furnishings, stone fireplaces, high quality bed linen, fabrics and tapestry, you can add the perfect French finishing touch to your home. victorian-decor

If the gold and glitz seem expensive, you can easily add glamour to your home. This process is simple. Invest in bright and bold red pillows and add them to your sofa or buy fur blankets and toss them on your bedside or near the sofa.
Similarly, glass and mirrors add glamour to your home. By adding new glasses and mirrors, you can improve your overall home décor. You can also try one of those modern mirror-covered side tables as they are popular in demand among the French.
To add an artistic touch, buy lots of flowers and flower pots and place them all across your living room and dining hall. If you’re looking for the best home remodeling solutions and adding the perfect artistic touch to your home, then it’s time to say “Oui” to French interiors!
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