Actress Melissa Bolona: BTS Shoot With Chris Shintani

 Actress Melissa Bolona: BTS Shoot With Chris Shintani

Melissa Bolona has had a busy several years. Between her philanthropic work, her variety of roles, and flying back and forth between her two homes in New York and Los Angeles, the actress and model also managed to squeeze in a few photo sessions. Here is what you want to know about when Melissa Bolona shoots with Chris Shintani

The 411 on Shintani: Christophe Torisho Shintani is a rising, Los Angeles based photographer who has worked with famous individuals like Chrisina Milian, as well as famous advertisers like Nike Women’s and Trois Girls. Shintani is known for flattering and diverse photography. 

The Shoot: Bolona is no stranger to modeling, the actress had actually established her modeling career before returning to acting several years ago. Bolona has been featured in a number of magazines including Bella and Vanindades, which show case the actress’ talents. For her shoot with Shintani, Bolona posed is a number of outfits and walked away with both black and white, as well as vibrantly colored photos. The shoot also included some on-set images that turned out beautifully. Bolona announced that she plans to use the shots as her new acting headshots and some of the images even appear on the actress’ page. In the images, Bolona is elegant and regal, featuring a bright yellow dress to set off her complexion. 

What’s Next for Bolona? The shoot seems to already have had a positive impact on Bolona’s career. The actress is due to appear in several films in 2017 including Year of the Spectacular Man, and Acts of Violence. You can check out a full list of Bolona’s work on the Melissa Bolona IMDB page.

Bolona has always been committed to working with a variety of photographers and it seems that Bolona’s partnership with Chris Shintani has been beneficial for both the actress, and the photographer.

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