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8 Legit Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home

You can become a work-at-home mom instead of a stay-at-home mom by turning your passions into profits. It can be hard to balance all of the household demands in addition to earning extra money, but as a strong, powerful woman it is possible. 8 Legit Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home

#1: Write Romance Novels

One money-making avenue you might not have considered is writing romance novels. The romance genre is the most active on Amazon and you can upload your book for free and see if it sells. You can even use a pen name if you don’t want your neighbors or family to find out about your new venture.

#2: Dabble In Stocks

Set aside some money each month to invest in the stock market. You’re home at the perfect time each day to get updates on what’s happening in the business world. Since everything is done online and only takes a few minutes, this is the perfect opportunity for busy moms that likes to learn.

If you do enough research you can even try penny stock investing as a way to supplement your household income. It’s a way to start with a small amount and have a chance at high returns, of course it does come with its own share of risk, but that can be lowered with the right know-how.

#3: Resell Clearance Items

Are you an expert at finding awesome clearance items? One of the easiest ways to make money is to find amazing clearance deals, buy them up and sell them at regular price elsewhere. One of the most popular places to sell them is eBay, but you can also use Amazon or Craigslist.

#4: Become a Freelance Writer

Business owners always need writers in order to come up with the content for their websites, blogs, social media, advertisements, and more. Choose topics that interest you and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can fill up a page and make a nice side income.

#5: Buy Low Sell High on Craigslist

Connecting buyers with the goods they want to buy is one way to make some good money using Craigslist. Many times you can do the legwork and find what it is people want to buy, procure it, and then sell it to them for a tidy profit.

#6: Start a Food Blog

If you are a great cook you have the opportunity to start your own food blog, develop a following, and earn advertising revenue. Check out the Pinch of Yum money-making blog to see what’s possible!

#7: Get Artsy

The combination of Pinterest and Etsy can mean a nice side business for stay-at-home moms. All you have to do is tap into your artsy-craftsy side, find something people are already buying, learn to make it, and start your own business.

#8: Sell Your Photos

Put your knack for photography to work as a professional photographer. These days you don’t even need to leave the house in order to sell your photos. You can take photos of everyday items and upload them to stock photo websites for others to pay to download.

Follow Your Passion

If none of these ideas float your boat, just remember that the main goal is to turn your passion into a money generating endeavor. If you are not excited to do it, chances are you won’t. That’s why you should figure out how to make money from something you already love to do.

That way it won’t seem like work, like yet another obligation, it will just be fun and the money will feel good instead of feeling like something you had to sacrifice your time to make.

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