7 Ways to Connect With Kids During the Holiday Season

7 Ways to Connect With Kids During the Holiday Season

During busy times of the year such as the holidays, it can seem as if there is no time to stop and enjoy a moment with your children. However, it’s crucial that you carve out a little time for the youngest members of your family. Otherwise, you risk leaving them feeling neglected at the very time they are supposed to be the focus. Here are seven simple ways to make them feel special during the holidays.

Bake Time  7 Ways to Connect With Kids During the Holiday Season

Get out the measuring cups and set aside a few hours to make something yummy together. When it’s done, you can enjoy it together or give the treats as a gift to someone else. Not only can you teach your child how to read a recipe and measure ingredients, you can work together to create something special. Sure, it might be messy, but that’s half the fun.

Create Gifts  

Along the same lines as baking together, consider making a craft together. It can be something you keep when it is finished, or you could give it to a neighbor or friend to enjoy. The important thing is that you have some quiet time together working on a joint project. Make sure to let your child choose the item you make; having a choice in the matter will make the experience more memorable.

Get a Move On

Getting outside or exercising together is another fun way to spend time. You can take the dog for a walk, swing together at the playground, or draw a hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk outside the house. If there is snow on the ground, building a snowman or snow fort can be a great way to spend the afternoon. Don’t forget the hot cocoa when you get back home.


Another way to share the important season with your child is to volunteer together to help others. This activity gives your child an understanding of the sentiment behind the holiday spirit. It also allows you both to put the focus on someone else instead of worrying about the holiday party you are hosting next weekend. Ring a bell for donations together or help fill baskets at the food bank. Lessons in understanding and gratitude could be the accidental result.

Play Together  

If you get stressed during the busy holiday season, chances are some play time could help alleviate your tension. Pull out all your board games and let your child pick which one you play. Or just get down on the ground and wrestle and tickle for a few minutes. Older kids might like a game of hide and seek or Twister with their parents. Make sure to keep the spirit of the activity light and silly, not competitive.

Find Quiet Time  

After a day running around shopping or doing holiday errands, an hour of quiet time could be just the thing you need to reconnect with your kids. Grab their favorite books and host an impromptu story time. Or load the sofa up with blankets and pillows and just snuggle. Tell your child the story of when he or she was born or what the first holiday season was like when he or she was a baby.

Let Them Know

Sometimes, a little private word of kindness can do wonders for showing your child how special he is. Make a note to him for his school lunch or leave a little drawing next to his bed. Tell her how awesome she is, and thank her for being kind and caring throughout the whole year.

The best present any child – or parent, for that matter – can wish for during the holiday season is quality time. It’s not as important what activity you do, as long as you do it together.

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