6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Favorite Shade Tree

Use your backyard for comfort here are 6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Favorite Shade Tree

I know some of might be having winter but there are just as many starting spring going into summer. There’s nothing better than shade trees and adding a swing or hammock.

The first time you laid eyes on that massive shade tree in your backyard, you probably instantly fell in love. You already liked the house, but something about that tree sealed the deal. With kids, work, and other responsibilities, you probably never even have time to stop and really appreciate that fabulous tree anymore. All that is about to change; it is time to turn Mother Nature’s masterpiece into the
centerpiece of your outdoor living space.

1. Swing – One regular wood or tire swing suspended from the tree is a must. This tree was made for sharing laughs. When the kids are in school you can go jump on that tire swing and pretend you are 8 years old again, and no one will ever know!deluxe_original_polyester_rope_hammock

2. Hammocks – Make the most of that lush canopy by taking frequent naps or reading a good book on your hammock. You do not even need to actually attach it to the tree either. Stores like Soothing Company have hammocks with their own stand, so you can move them anywhere on your property. large-quick-dry-comfort-hammock-ps_pi0016_3_1If you would like more details on hammocks, you can read and research Best Hammock Straps Reviews & Guide to find the best hammock systems.

3. Bird Feeders – If you do not have any bird feeders now, you don’t know what you’re missing. Birds have unique personalities and are intriguing to watch. Once you have one you will find yourself just gazing at it all day. Keep in mind that different styles are designed to attract specific species. For example, if you want mainly finches and chickadees, avoid feeders with large platforms, as these attract blackbirds and blue jays, known to bully small species.

4. Picnic Table – This is the perfect place to add a picnic table. Who says your outdoor furniture is supposed to all be on your deck or patio? If you have a picnic table out there you might actually use it. Picnic lunches are always more fun than sitting at a kitchen table.Eucalyptus octagonal table

5. Wind Chimes – Make music by hanging wind chimes from the branches. Think about the sounds you find soothing when you shop for them. For example, bamboo will offer a very organic,gentle sound.Solar Outdoor Lights

6. Lights – Paper lanterns, solar string lights, etc., are ideal to hang from the branches. When you set up the tent in the backyard for a mini camping trip, you will already have a little light overhead. Plus, it looks cool if you entertain guests in the evening.

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