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If you have ever stumbled upon a 20-year-old picture of yourself and thought you have made some poor style choices, do not stress about it, we are all guilty. That is why we can clearly say that style gets better with age. It takes a certain maturity to realize that a mini skirt and a deep cleavage t-shirt do not pair up well. cover-Timeless-Style-Guide

Just look at all the refined famous ladies in their 50’s – Carine Roitfeld, Julianne Moore, and many others. The key of looking that great is not in dressing age-appropriate, but in finding your personal, timeless style and being confident in it.

Here are some tips on how to do that.

Embrace Your Figure

As a confident mature woman, you should know and love your figure as it is. This is the time when you should stop wondering “why cannot I pull off a fitted yellow dress”, start understanding your body shape and wear dresses that match it. You cannot move on to building your style without being aware of what kind of cuts and silhouettes you need to enhance your figure the best. Knowing your colors can also be helpful.

 Fill up Your Wardrobe with Essentials-Timeless Guide

Fill up Your Wardrobe with Essentials

Basics are the foundation of your whole style. Every woman should first have some wardrobe essentials and later on, build her style upon them. To make it easier to combine them, essential should be in black or neutral colors. Some of the most necessary pieces for every woman (regardless of her age) are a pencil skirt, fitted blazer, a pair of jeans, A-line skirt, little black dress, cardigan, a circle skirt, trousers and a trench coat.

Build Upon the Foundations

Here comes the tricky part. Essentials make your style timeless and everything else makes your style your own. When shopping for all the other pieces you aim for one cohesive style, but a variety of clothing options. A mature woman will know that she needs to think ahead and shop out of season for classic items. Visiting a swimwear sale during the winter is a wise choice, in that case. It goes for all the other wardrobe upgrades, from blouses to shirt dresses.Give-a-Woman-the-Right-Shoes-Timeless-Guide

Give a Woman the Right Shoes

… and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe said that, and we believe her. Or should we say “tell me what kind of shoes do you wear and we will tell you who you are”. While you are carrying your clothes, your shoes are carrying you, throughout your whole life, so make sure, now, when you know better you have the most perfect pair. First, you will need one classic black pumps, later elegant two-tone heels, fancy ankle boots, sandals, one statement bright colored pair and ballet flats for a combo of comfort and elegance.

Add Some Neat Details

As a young girl, you have probably been guilty of over-accessorizing. Today, you need to know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Unless you are wearing very inconspicuous jewelry (e.g. pearl earrings with one pearl and necklace and bracelet), never try to accessorize your neck, ears, and hands, at the same time. Instead, wear a single statement necklace or long earrings. It does not take more than one gorgeous ring to draw eyes to your hand. Last but not least, a purse can significantly elevate your whole look. In your 50’s you should know that it is not just something to carry your stuff in it, but a style statement.

It is never too late to rediscover your style, and now is the best time to do it.

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