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5 Tips to Help Your Baby Start Walking

One of the most important developmental tasks of young children is to learn how to walk. Even babies who are born with genetic problems that limit their mobility will eventually have to learn of other ways in which to move about, every single child must learn to initiate those very first steps towards walking independence. Here are 5 tips to help your baby start walkingProvide Babies Ways To Build Muscle For Walking

  1.       Make sure your baby gets plenty of tummy time.

The very first thing that all babies must be able to develop is the strength of their core muscles. These are groups of muscles located in the torso and are inherently responsible for maintaining the balance that will be needed to keep the body in an upright position. It is thus, crucial to give babies toys that will allow him or her to play on his or her tummy. Mobiles, gym toys, and even colorful blocks and plush toys placed in front of your baby while lying on his or her stomach can all help strengthen the core muscles. This will also help strengthen your baby’s neck muscles as well as muscles of the back. It is generally recommended that babies need to spend at least 30 minutes every day on his or her tummy.

  1.       Help your child practice how to roll over.

By age 2 to 6 months, your baby will be starting to roll from side to side. To help your child practice rolling over, you may need to place your baby’s favorite toys to the side so that he or she will be compelled to roll to this particular side. You can start by placing a toy directly over your baby before slowly moving it towards the side. The idea is for your baby to start reaching for it until he or she eventually rolls over. This helps your baby develop her muscles of the upper and lower extremities and the neck and back.

  1.       Encourage your child to sit.

At age 4 months, most babies will already be sitting with support. They will be particularly adept at sitting on their own by the time they reach 6 months. You can help her to learn how to sit by carefully and gently pulling your baby up by his or her hands. Another way to do it is by holding out his or her favorite toy just out of his or her reach. This encourages your baby to lean in various directions.

  1.       Teach your child how to crawl.

By the time your child reaches 6 to 10 months, he or she is ready to crawl. Your kid often starts by lunging for objects that are placed just out of his or her reach. He or she can do this by performing a mini push-up or even from a sitting position. The key is to place your baby’s favorite toys just out of reach so he or she will be encouraged to move.

  1.       Assist your child to pull himself or herself up to stand.

As soon as your baby starts grabbing and holding onto things, he or she can start learning to pull himself or herself to stand. It is important to provide very sturdy objects which will not be easy to tip over. This is crucial as what you would like to achieve is for his or her leg muscles to get accustomed to the standing position. You may also want to try a baby bouncer to assist in stability.

Once your baby has learned to stand, it’s only a matter of time before he or she starts initiating steps. Just remember to support your child every step that he or she makes until those leg muscles have been strengthened and proper balance and coordination has been achieved.


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