5 Style Tips From Top Korean Fashion Bloggers to Keep You Trendy in 2017 15 comments

Five style tips from top Korean fashion bloggers to keep your trendy in 2017 5 Style Tips From Top Korean Fashion Bloggers to Keep You Trendy in 2017

Korea has become a fashion capital of the world. The easy flowing dresses, layered tops, and casual skirts are a huge hit in every corner of the world. We can quickly call Korea the home of ragged, girlfriend fit jeans.

From TV series to live performances, Korean fashion has simply taken the world by storm. Every teenager and office goer want to dress as elegantly yet comfortably as our favorite stars.

Simple wrap maxi dress Korean fashion bloggers wear wrap dresses 2017

Let it be a simple barbecue or a star-studded wedding; you cannot go wrong with a maxi wrap dress. These wrap dresses have an elegant sweetness that will elevate your feminine side. This kind of dress works for weddings, rehearsal dinners, and formal receptions too. Pair them with strappy sandals and a neutral sling bag for completing the look.

Go all pastel Korean fashion bloggers pink shift dresses 2017

Shift dresses are ideal if you have a heavy mid-section. They are flattering for your legs and make you look thinner instantly. Go for pastel shades if you plan on looking especially charming for the evening. The latest picks from Korean fashion designers have an origami-inspired cut, slits, and neckline. If you want to add a sharp contrast, go for a big boxy handbag. This will add gravity to your otherwise sweet aura for the day.

Lace Luster Korean fashion bloggers wear lacy tops 2017

Lace is the woman’s new best friend. Black lace is for events that are more informal. A night of wild partying or a classy bachelorette party is perfect for black lace dresses. If you want to be the center of all attraction on the day of the event, go for a simple, knee-length lace number. Choose something in tones of pink, fuchsia, red or salmon. This will add the mandatory touch of elegance to a wedding party. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Pair it with a solid sling. You do not want to hide all that beautiful crochet and lace behind a huge tote!

Blazer and shorts Korean fashion bloggers wear blazers and shorts

This is a must for all outdoor events. If you participate in a lot of outdoor activities, this ensemble is a must in your wardrobe. Go for a high waisted pair of shorts made of linen or silk. Pair it with a matching blazer. This will give an informal, yet elegant spin to your otherwise formal event. Pair this with stiletto pumps and a square handbag to complete the effect.

Cold shoulder draped jumpsuits Korean fashion bloggers wear cold shoulder jump suits

You need this for completing your 2017 summer collection. The draped jumpsuits in pastel shades are ideal for almost any occasion you can think of. Cold shoulders will nicely show off your toned arms. This gives you are the sleek yet noticeable charm. Carry a small-ish handbag. Pair this with wedges or flats for the ultimate comfortable look. This will easily be the staple of the all the seasons to come.

This year, fashion is all about understated sexy that is draped in simple comfort. Ditch those uncomfy bodycon and embrace the simplicity of this year’s K-fashion.

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