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Latest trends – “overdone” home décor is in again! Latest trends – “overdone” home décor is in again!

Proper interior decoration is what makes a house a home. It is what gives your home an identity and that warm fuzzy feeling that gets you excited when you are about to get home. Home decoration ideas are influenced by many things such as nature, history and past events. Homeowners can also choose to decorate their homes in their own style but most settle for tried and tested home décor ideas that have been around for a while. The effect of this is that some home décor ideas have been used so many times such that they became “overdone”. Most predicted that these “overdone” ideas would fade away and pave for fresher and bolder ideas. That, however, only happened for a short while and those “outdated” home décor designs are making way back into our homes. Let’s take a look at some of the “outdated” designs that are now trendy and a big hit with homeowners.

  1. DIY projects.

DIY projects were a big thing some time back. Homeowners would strive to have at least one furniture in their household being a DIY project and this turned out to be a big home décor idea. It showed your personality as well as your creative side. The DIY craze, however, took over and from just one furniture being home-made, the number started increasing and it was not uncommon to find all the furniture in a home being DIY projects. One DIY furniture piece was cute but an entire set of furniture being home-made was simply outrageous and this marked the “death” of DIY furniture. DIY home décor pieces are, however, becoming popular once again and homeowners are slowly incorporating into their homes. However, in an effort to maintain the cuteness of DIY furniture, homeowners are opting for fewer items this time.

  1. Mid Century Modern. Mid Century Modern

The MCM home décor trend became popular at the turn of the century. Built to mirror the living quarters of Don Draper, the lead actor in the TV series Mad Men, Mid-Century Modern houses featured floor-to-ceiling windows, sunken living areas, and open spaces. Every home owner would want their homes done this way and with time the MCM architecture became overdone. They become less trendy and people avoid them for other designs. MCM home decors have been gaining popularity of late with homeowners looking to recreate the open plan spaces and large window designs that are synonymous with the MCM architecture.

  1. Marble kitchen tops.

There was a time that all houses would be built with marble kitchen tops. Home renovators would also emphasize on marble for their kitchen tops. This trend would become cliché and with time, trendy homeowners would shun them all together for other materials. The advantage of marble is that it is easy to clean and considering the messy nature of the kitchen, marble tops made practical sense. Following frustrations with other materials, homeowners are gradually getting back to the basic with marble tops. Marble tops are also very beautiful and there is no denying the fact that they would enhance any kitchen.

  1. Mirrors all over.

Mirrors were seen as a way to bring in light and vibrancy into a room. This feature was, however, exploited by homeowner back then and this led to the demise of mirrors as a crucial part of home décor. Rather than just one mirror for every room, homeowners would put up mirrors in different areas of the same room and this caused a lot of reflection and the mirrors were not able to serve their intended purpose. Homeowners got rid of them and they were not installed in most homes for a while. They started making their way back into most homes but homeowners are now cautious and they strive to have just one mirror in a room.

  1. All-white interiors. All-white interiors

There was a time when white was the preferred color for home interiors. Everything was white in color from the walls, floor to baby bedding. White gives a home a warm and soft feel but with time people started to find err with the uniformity and they started opting for a mixture of colors for their interiors. White, however, has been making inroads into most homes once again and white interiors are now trendy


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