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5 Great Stay at Home Date Night Ideas
Every couple wants to create the perfect date night every single week. Dates nights that are perfect, however, can become more difficult to create than some couples might initially think. Many date night destinations can be very expensive. Also, there are some constraints that can make leaving the home difficult for couples, like kids or a stressful day at work. In these cases, or anytime a couple is looking to switch things up a little, a date night at home could be the perfect solution.

There are a lot of great ways for couples to enjoy a fun date night in their own homes. Any couple can use these ideas to create a fun and memorable night they will want to repeat every week. This is a great way for couples to save money and grow closer every day. Here are some great stay at home date night ideas for couples.5 Great Stay at Home Date Night Ideas (2)

Have a classic movie night
A movie night is one of the best ways for any couple to spend an evening. Movie nights are one of those dates that never seems to get old. Couples can get more information to choose a new movie or go with some of their favorites from the past. This is a great way to snuggle up and enjoy some relaxing time with a significant other.

Wine Tasting

Create your own wine tasting
A wine tasting at a wine bar or restaurant is a fun way to spend a date, but wine tastings can be expensive and allow for little alone time to talk. Couples can create a better experience at home for a fraction of the price. Couples can buy small bottles of a few different wines or beers and choose their favorites. Coming up with descriptions for each one can be really entertaining as well.


Cook dinner together
Often it is one person or the other cooking dinner on a normal week night. For a date night, couples can try something new by cooking their dinner together. This is a great way for couples to test out each other’s cooking styles and learn something new. Couples can try a new recipe and experiment to make things more interesting.

Game Night

Break out the board games
Board games are not just for the kids. Couples can have just as much fun playing all their old favorite board games. This is a great way to create some fun competition and test each other’s skills at different games. Couples can choose a game where they care work together to win as well to make the experience unique.

In home spa treatmentCreate an in-home spa retreat
Spa treatments can be extremely expensive, but they are one of the most relaxing things a person can do. Couples can give each other that same relaxation at home by creating their own at-home spa retreats. Couples can have a bubble bath, give each other massages, and give each other pampering gifts that they can enjoy all year long.


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