Health Series: 5 Fun Facts About Teeth Braces we Never Knew

Mention the word braces to a child and they will screw their face up and probably run a mile. Any adult who wore them when they were young has memories of that dull ache and the teasing from the other kids in the class. Having said that, dental braces are an ingenious way to straighten teeth or correct bone misalignment, and if you are thinking your teeth could be a little straighter, here are some interesting facts about orthodontic devices. affordable adult braces by Harmony Orthodontics

  1. NASA Created the First Braces – The space agency were the first people to develop the titanium nickel that is used to make the arch wire that connects to the brackets. The highly flexible metal can retain its shape in the mouth, and this makes it an ideal metal for dental braces.
  1. Braces Have a Long History – Contrary to popular belief, dental braces have been around for almost 3 centuries, after a French Dentist created the first set of braces in the early 18th They have evolved over the years into the invisible devices we see today, and if you think dental braces might benefit you, there are affordable adult braces by Harmony Orthodontics, a leading practice in Western Australia.
  1. Braces Aren’t Just for Children – This is a myth that has been around for some time, but the fact is, adults can wear braces, and with invisible devices, no one would know, and in a few months they can be removed, leaving you with a nicer smile. Whether you are looking for adult braces in Perth, or any other city, a simple online search will put you in touch with a clinic nearby. People of any age can have an orthodontic device inserted, and with special braces that connect to the back of the teeth, no one would know you were wearing them.
  1. Famous People Wear Dental Braces – Superstars are very concerned about how the public perceives them, and dental braces are often used by the Hollywood A-listers to correct even the slightest misalignment. The new invisible devices are the reason why so many people in the public eye have decided to do something about that slightly crooked smile.
  1. Early Intervention is Best – The ideal age to redress misaligned teeth is around 7 years old, as the bone and gum tissue is still forming and is much more pliable. That being the case, many adults are now enjoying straighter teeth thanks to invisible retainers, and with modern solutions, the braces can be removable.

The latest generation of dental braces is a far cry from the original version, and with modern techniques, it is now possible for anyone to have their teeth straightened, and with invisible solutions, a person can retain their appearance. Removable braces are very popular, as they are easy to clean, and you can take a rest by removing them. So, if you want to improve your smile, contact an orthodontist, who can quickly determine is braces are suitable.



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