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Your bedroom is often the most overlooked room in your house. Many people see it as simply a room to sleep in, however, it is much more than that; it is one of the few spaces in your house which is personal and not open to any visitor. It is your most personal space and your one of the few places you can really relax and unwind.

Your bedroom is also the place you sleep, the more personal and relaxing the space is the better your nap will be at night. You may wish to apply some of the following trends to your room:5-Exclusive-Trends-of-Bedroom-Furniture-1

1.     Dramatic wallpaper

This is the year where dramatic wallpaper is set to make a comeback. The design does not need to be complicated; it should make a statement, a bold or metallic color against a plain background.  It is best to balance this by using neutral, modern style furniture. This will create a sense of harmony between the boldness of the wall and the calmness of the contemporary furniture. 

2.     Antique accents

Antique furniture is set to become very popular in the bedroom this year. The ornate designs will add a touch of luxury to your room and give you a feeling of elegance and class. It will also help to make your room feel cozy. Antique pieces can include your bed or headboard, the lights or even some classical masterpieces on the walls. Again a few modern pieces can add a contemporary, modern feel to your room, allowing you to feel comfortable whilst making a dramatic statement.

Perhaps the best thing about adding antique furniture to your bedroom is the ability to find antique pieces, or antique looking pieces, practically anywhere. Contrary to popular belief, the pieces are not that expensive either. Check the local flea markets or thrift shops, and you might be surprised by what you can find there. Antique Bedroom Furniture

3.     Embrace the country

Go for a rustic, homely feel in your room by embracing the countryside and all that is good about nature.  Bring this into your bedroom by adding wood elements. A good example of this is to have a wooden headboard which looks like planks of wood. Alternatively opt for some homemade accessories, a homemade quilt, cushion covers, and even curtains can really create the feel of a warm, comfortable and reassuring place to sleep. Homemade does not mean that you actually have to make these items yourself; you can purchase homemade and custom articles in a variety of venues; it simply means items which are not mass produced.

4.     Metal edging

Furniture with touches of metal has become very popular. It adds a touch of glamour to your room whilst providing a grounding effect as it is not ostentatious. The most obvious places to add metal edging to your room is the top of your headboard, or even the footboard (if you have one). Metal can be used as handles on your cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes or it can be at the edging of a mirror. Metal can also be a good choice for a variety of accessories and even some modern art pieces. This will create harmony in your room helping you to feel comfortable and relaxed in your haven from the rest of the world.

5.     Go tropical

Environmental issues have heightened many people’s awareness of the environment and how they can help to preserve it. Part of this has resulted in a new interest in bringing the outside inside. One way to do this in your bedroom is to embrace the tropical feel. Add a plant or two; preferably an indoor palm. Top up your accessories with African style wood carvings and masks on the walls. Even your bed and other furniture can be made from a darker wood to help create the effect of a tropical jungle. You may be surprised at just how relaxed you can be in a room like this!5 Exclusive Trends of Bedroom Furniture-3

There are so many different furniture styles you can choose to decorate your bedroom. If you can’t make a decision, you can always blend more styles. Whatever you do, just make sure to preserve some sort of balance. A simple, liners room décor goes really well with intricate and sophisticated furniture and vice versa. Use your imagination to transform your bedroom into a heavenly sleeping place, and invest in items that best match with your personal sense of fashion.

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