5 Decor Tips That Handle The Winter Months

Décor tips that can handle the winter months  

Unfortunately the warm summer weather goes all too quickly, and winter is waiting just around the corner. To prepare for the colder months you need to think about ways to save energy and winterize the house. There are many products available to make your home more secure and warm this winter.

Anti-mold paint

No home is safe from mold spores that can cause allergies and illness in adults and children. The good news is there are products that help prevent mold forming on walls, windows, and other surfaces. When you find mold do not paint right over it. The mold must be removed and the paint stripped before applying a new coat. Paints with a flat finish are more likely to develop mold than other types due to moisture absorption. Use gloss or semi gloss paint because it is more resistant to mold, and paint that contains linseed oil can attract mold growth. Using good quality latex paint produces less or no mold because the spores do not have nutrients available to allow them to grow. An acrylic latex paint is considered superior to a vinyl acrylic paint.

Mildew or mold can easily be removed with a few drops of bleach. Be sure to have a window open to ensure the area is well ventilated before you use it.

Draft excluders
Draught Excluder
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Draft excluders are an effective way to block cold air from entering the house and they are reasonably priced. They prevent cold air from entering under the door or through the gaps in the window frames. Most homes need a few such excluders unless it is a high tech home with sealed windows and well-fitting doors. When you have one room warmer than others – like the living room – draft extruders will stop cold air entering from other rooms.

For the bottoms of doors there are self-adhesive draft excluders with brush bottoms that take traffic and heavy use well, however, some do need replacing every few years.

Excluders can also be considered a draft stopper, sometimes they are knitted and filled with sand, pressed up against with bottom of a window to stop drafts and colder arid from coming in.

Shutters save energy in winter Window Shutters To Hold Out The Cold

When temperatures plummet shutters can be a great way to keep the heat in. Shutters are attractive and decorative adding to your home’s unique look and they come in many different color and patterns. They also stop the warm air from escaping and your furnace will use less energy to heat the house thereby saving on your energy bills.

Shutters provide privacy in the winter months when you will spend more time indoors; they are easy to open and close so you have complete control. They are easy to clean and there is no need to take them to the dry cleaners like curtains and drapes. Wiping them down with a soft cloth is all they really need.

If you want to add shutters to rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, wet room, or sauna, waterproof shutters made of vinyl are a good option. Each is 100% waterproof and the moisture in the rooms will not degrade them. Not only that, they look spectacular.

Install a programmable thermostat and let in the sun

Think about installing a programmable thermostat in your home or condo. It will save on your energy bills and provide heating efficiency. Instead of constantly lowering and increasing the temperature manually you can program the thermostat to do it automatically. The unit will lower the temperature when you’re not home and increase it when you get home from work.

A cooler bedroom temperature has been known to promote better sleep and in areas of the house that get some sun open up those curtain, blinds or shutters and let the light in. Sun warms the house, increasing the heat and saving you energy.

Think of alternative light sources for power outages

When the power goes out its good to have alternative light sources of energy besides candles and flashlights. Kerosene oil lamps, known as hurricane lamps are useful, but should only be used in well-ventilated areas. They are efficient and give off more heat and light than candles. Use them with care because of the fire risk created by kerosene. Battery operated lamps or lanterns are safe and a handy item to have during a power outage. Rechargeable lights only work if they are already charged of course – so ensure they are. Solar lamps are charged by the sun’s energy, often lasting 12 hours with each charge.

These are some décor and energy tips to help you keep your home warmer this winter. If you adopt them you will be warmer and improve the appearance of the interior of your home as well as save some money.

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