4 Ways You Can Successfully Buy Diamond Rings

4 Tips On Buying a Diamond Ring 4 Ways You Can Successfully Buy Diamond Rings

So, you have committed yourself to buying a diamond ring and you want to make sure you go about it the right way. We are glad you are doing the detective work before you open your wallet and dish out the money. With the wealth of information online nowadays, you can get essential information on how to buy diamonds at the click of a button.

This article will also share some valuable tips on doing just that so you can walk away, satisfied with the diamond ring you purchase.

If you are still on the hunt for reputable places to start looking, we suggest you visit jewellers such as Diamond Brokers Queensland. They have knowledgeable jewellers with specific expertise in the field of diamonds who can provide a helping hand whilst showing you what’s on offer.

Until then, here are some top tips you should consider before buying any diamond ring:

  • Think about your budget 〉

Getting your budget pinned down is the first initial step as it will dictate the quality, size, shape, colour, and cut of the diamond you can purchase. This is essentially the elements (4C’s) that decide the value of the diamond itself. Therefore, before you even visit the first jeweller you should pinpoint how much you want to spend so they can direct you to the selection which best fits your needs.

  • Do your research 〉

Research pays off and when it comes down to diamonds in fact, it’s essential. Looking into the 4Cs of diamonds (colour, carat, cut and clarity) will pay off big time. You will go into the shop in confidence and knowing what the jeweller is talking about when the start mentioning diamond specs. It will also give you a good idea of how the stone will look so you know the styles that will suit your or the receiver’s preferences.

  • If you’re buying it as a gift or for an engagement, think about the other person 〉

The last thing you want to do is buy someone a diamond ring they will return or never wear. We want you to do your research about diamonds themselves but also about the potential wearer. What will they like? What setting, colours and style do they prefer?

Looking at their selection of jewellery is a tell-tale sign that will dictate their current preferences. It will also help to know their size which might involve you ‘borrowing’ one of her rings whilst you do some investigative background research.

The average ring size is a 6 based on the average female weight and height proportions. However, if she is taller with a slender figure she may range between the 4-5 size range. Someone slightly heavier might be from 6-7 ½ for example.

  • Get to know your shapes 〉

Getting clued up on the type of diamond cuts available is essential. The cut will dictate its sparkle and maximise the ‘wow’ factor of the diamond. Some of the most popular cuts which deliver maximum sparkly for example are round and princess cuts. However, considering the person’s personal style preferences is also essential as if someone is more free-spirited, she might love more unique shapes like Marquise.

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