4 Tips for Having More Fun On Your New York City Bus Tour

Exploring New York City on a bus tour offers a different and exciting perspective on just about everything. The city accommodates the needs of every traveler and has plenty of things to do and see, including Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and world renowned museums.

So, if you want to make the most out of your bus tours, it helps to learn some essential tips for visitors. Read on to learn more.

4 Tips for Having More Fun On Your New York City Bus Tour

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1. Bring Appropriate Clothing

When packing for your New York City travel, take into account the kind of the clothing you’ll bring. For example, during the summer season, the city is usually hot and humid. So, consider packing light clothes, such as skirts, tank tops, cotton t-shirts, and shorts. Breathable pants, such as khakis, are also great.

For a winter trip, heavy clothes are the ideal choices. Ensure you bag has jackets, lined pants, gloves, scarves, rain gear, and socks. You don’t want a bad weather to make your bus tour a terrible experience. Being prepared for the trip with the right outfits ahead of time will help you to enjoy all that New York City has to offer.

2. Get Discounts and Deals Early

You don’t need to arrive in New York City to start looking for the best deals and discounts on bus tours. Planning your budget for bus tours early enough will help you know exactly what you want to see and where you want to go. Also, some tour companies allow you to purchase NYC bus tour tickets online at a discounted price.

Consider the tour company you want to use and the hotel you’ll be staying at. Also, don’t forget to compare the prices with other companies in the city. Taking advantage of every possible saving opportunity you get will make you visit an exciting one. Plus, you will save enough for shopping and eating.

3. Consider Free Attractions

Not all attractions in New York City will require you to purchase tickets for entry or access. Therefore, look at the itinerary of the tour company to see their routes and determine the kind of attractions on those routes. Examples of free attractions include BRIC House, Brooklyn Museum, American Folk Art and Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Touring New York Public Library, Central Park, and the Federal Bank of New York’s Gold Vault are also free. So, you want to leverage these opportunities to see much of the city as possible. Some attractions have donation boxes, so instead of buying a ticket, you’ll need to donate any amount you can afford.

4. Choose the Right Bus

There are different tour bus services, and each comes with different charges. For example, you can get a private bus tour, which allows you to get a driver and tour guide. You can also plan your own itinerary. This certainly costs higher than a typical tour service, but it’s a great option if you are visiting with friends or family and you have several must-see things.

Hop on, Hop off services are also great if you want flexible services that you can use whenever you want. Just make sure they drop you off where there are attractions or great spots for food. Don’t be tempted to use your own car for the tour. New York City is one of the most unfriendly cities when it comes to driving and you could end up getting stuck in traffic.

The Takeaway!

Bus tours are fun and convenient if you want to relish the hidden treasures and gems of New York City. Take the time to plan for your trip to the Big Apple and choose a bus with a reasonable number of people. Remember to choose the right route for you and get off at attractions you would like to explore, or sit back and enjoy the trip.


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