Dressing For a Restaurant

4 Tips for Dressing Your Waitstaff

The right uniform can make or break a restaurant. But what if you aren’t sure how to put together a good policy? Here are just four tips for dressing your employees.

1. Mind the Shirts
It’s a given that all employees should have their shirts tucked in and wrinkle-free. But what about the style? Are you looking for restaurant polo shirts 1 or something with vests, sleeves and collars? What aesthetic best suits your establishment?

2. Buy Various Apron Types
Different workers will need different aprons. For example, hostesses may only require a waist apron while sous chefs will need a bib or bistro apron. Those working deep in the kitchen may want a full-scale cobbler apron.

Source// FreePik.com

Source// FreePik.com

3. Consider Footwear
Some restaurants like to mandate slip-resistant shoes to protect them from lawsuits. Others want shoes and laces to be the same color to present a unified, professional appearance. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your footwear policy; it’s all up to you.

4. Discuss Hairstyles
While not strictly part of the uniform, you’ll definitely want to talk to your employees about their hairstyles. If your staff has impeccable clothing but messy hair, you won’t send the right message to your guests at all.

These are just four tips for dressing your waitstaff. The appearance of your employees will have a substantial impact on your customers’ first impressions, so take your time and craft a uniform policy that reflects both your aesthetics and your values.

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