4 Surprising Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

4 Surprising Ideas for Your Wedding Reception 4 Surprising Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

You and your hubby have walked down the aisle, exchanged vows and are now headed to a reception where you hope all your guests will have the time of their lives. What awaits them has been carefully thought out for over a year and if you’ve done it right, the guests are in store for plenty of one-of-a-kind surprises. After all, you definitely don’t want to have just another wedding reception like everybody else’s. Since the devil is in the details, here are four surprising ideas that can take your wedding reception to a level where your guests will be completely wowed. Wedding Reception Table Setting

Spectacular Favors

You’ve seen plenty of great party favors, but have you thought about how to have surprising favors for your wedding reception? These days, you can find extremely creative ideas. Some of them are even practical, like a bag of your favorite coffee beans. Would anyone expect a gift like that? No way. Goodies that you and your spouse may be known for loving make the best giveaways. If you can’t live without your marshmallows and everyone knows that, then why not a small batch of artisanal miniature marshmallows in a beautifully decorated container? If jam is your thing, then arrange to have personalized bottles of strawberry and other flavors of scrumptious jam with you and your spouse’s names and the wedding date printed on the label for each of your guests. And if you can afford it, why not get a car for everyone? “You get a car! You get a car! You all get a car!” 

Custom Guest Books 

Wedding guest books don’t have to conform to any norms. While everyone seems to present them in a similar fashion, there’s no reason for you to go along with that. A guest book is a missed opportunity to stand out and shine. Be different. Guests can technically sign their names on anything and everything; only your imagination provides the limits. Some guest books aren’t books at all, but are composed entirely of postcards. Others use a novel form of wishing well; guests can write out a brief message, sign off and drop it in a specially made suitcase. Others require guests to sign their names in a gigantic bowl or on a globe. Still others invite guests to add their signatures on river stones, which are displayed in a huge clear vase, making for quite a memorable conversation piece. Great wedding guest books are 100 percent original. Wedding Guest Book Options

Custom Wedding Napkins

Having personalized accessories like custom wedding napkins is the icing on the proverbial cake. Taking something as basic as a napkin and giving it the personal treatment surprises guests and shows your attention to detail. Whether you choose to customize your cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins or dinner napkins, you are sure to make a lasting impression. How you customize them is completely up to you; just think outside the box. Just the first letter of your last name is fine. The first letter of your name and your spouse’s name is fine. You can choose to your entire name and your spouse’s entire name as well. This is your day, and you can personalize these details as you deem best. You also get to select the napkin sizes and colors. One of the best suggestions in this area is to use custom photo napkins. Online services that offer photo napkins only need you to upload a picture of your choice, and you get a sensational customized napkin that is yours exclusively.

Showstopping Performance

While having a disc jockey is virtually de rigueur at wedding receptions, there are other ways to go about providing entertainment. People love live performances but rarely see them at wedding receptions, so why not entertain them by hiring a performer or performers to put on a mind-blowing show. It could be a performance from a ballerina; a belly dancer; a harpoonist; a magician; a mariachi band; or a dance troupe, for example, a spectacular salsa routine. What’s great about a live performance is it gets everyone involved. Adults, teens and kids are wowed alike.

You can wow your guests by delivering a unique wedding reception experience for them. Indeed, with a little extra thought, you can turn your reception into one of the most memorable days of your guests’ lives. Sprinkle in an electrifying performance here and a surprising favor there, and you have the makings for an event that matches your exuberance and enthusiasm on your most special day.

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