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Are You Looking to Have Flawless Skin? Here Are 4 Skincare Problems That Can Be Eradicated Using Microneedling

Microneedling is a new and effective dermatological treatment that has taken the cosmetic world by storm. With all the hype and excitement surrounding this new technique, many people pose the question; what exactly is microneedling and how can it benefit me? If you are searching for a microneedling explanation, then this is definitely the best place for you.

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Microneedling is a unique method that takes advantage of the skin’s natural ability to heal itself when damaged. During the procedure, a special pen-like device with numerous small needles attached to one end is used to repeatedly pierce the skin in a vibrating motion at high speed. The needles are designed to reach a specific depth within the superficial layer of the skin, thereby activating the skin’s natural healing mechanism and this results in softer and smoother skin for a long time to come.

So, if you are wondering whether microneedling is the right method for you, rest assured that we have got you covered. Below are some of the top dermatological problems that are specifically targeted when undertaking this revolutionary procedure:

  1. Scar tissue

Scarring occurs after injuries or even after certain skin infections or conditions. Fibrosis process is the chief culprit responsible for the formation of scar tissue. In simple terms, fibrosis refers to the accumulation of small fibers produced by the body at the site of an injury. These fibers can pull the skin resulting in scar formation. Luckily, microneedling can eliminate this stubborn problem by breaking up the adhesions formed thereby releasing the skin and resulting in the fading of scars. Substantial results can be seen on both light scarring and heavy scarring.

  1. Acne and poke marks

Acne which mainly arises due to excessively oily skin can be cured using microneedling. Both men and women can attest to the fact that they have seen a substantial decrease in the severity of their acne as a result of the microneedling procedure. It is believed that this treatment helps to reduce sebum production thereby making the skin less oily. In addition, the poke marks left by acne can also be eradicated in the same way that scar tissue is minimized by microneedling.

  1. Wrinkles

Truly, microneedling is th modern-day fountain of youth. By stimulating your skin to produce more collagen and elastin fibres, microneedling helps to reduce wrinkles and thereby give your skin an overall smoother texture within a short period of time.

  1. Uneven skin tone

Hyperpigmentation mainly results from other dermatological problems which ultimately affect the surface appearance of the skin. Thus, various skin problems such as acne, black heads, pimples and skin infections can all lead to an uneven skin tone. Microneedling is believed to increase the expression of metalloproteinase matrix which reduces hyperpigmentation. In addition, microneedling is thought to have a negative effect on the growth of keratinocytes thereby also helping to decrease hyperpigmentation.

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