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3 Reasons Yoga Is Great for Moms and Kids
Yoga is the age-old practice of finding balance and focus within one’s mind, body and spirit. The practice consists of a series of breathing exercises as well as body formations and relaxation techniques. Yoga can add substance to the relationship between a mother (or father!) and their children. The following are three reasons that yoga is great for moms and kids.

Yoga Teaches Relaxation/Mind Quieting Techniques
Implementing effective relaxation techniques can do wonders for a mother and a child. Children and parents are often “wound up” after a day of hard work either in school or on the job. Yoga teaches the foundation of relaxation. It teaches mothers and children how to grab hold of their thoughts and transfer them into one calm and happy place. Mind-quieting techniques make child rearing more manageable for parents and children.

Yoga Teaches Important Health Practices
Yoga can be good for mothers and children because it teaches children important health practices. Sleep is one of the most important necessities for physical and emotional health. A person who does not obtain eight hours of sleep per day stands a chance of becoming ill. Yoga teaches relaxation, balance and focus. All three of those elements can create a sense of wellness, which can lead to a better night’s sleep. Yogi (and Lululemon founder) Chip Wilson recommends yoga for people of all ages. Children who are involved in yoga classes are highly likely to receive an adequate amount of sleep.


Yoga teaches exercises that help children to keep their bodies flexible and strong. Maintaining body strength is an important task for people of all ages. Therefore, mothers and children can both benefit from yoga classes in that aspect.

Yoga Teaches Children How to Channel Energy
Yoga is a wonderful activity for mothers who have hyperactive or restless children. Hyperactive children often do not mean to be so enthusiastic. They often act that way because they do not know of any constructive methods for channeling their energy. Yoga can teach an overly energetic child to take all of his or her extra energy and place it into something constructive. Such practices can help relieve stress for the parent that has to take care of the hyperactive child.

Yoga is an amazing workout because those who practice it can choose to do it wherever they like. When Chip Wilson was first getting into yoga, he offered classes in his design studio to pay the rent. Today, mothers who do not have additional funds for yoga classes can find free community classes or stretch and tone from the comfort of their home. They can opt to practice yoga in a comfortable room such as the living room or bedroom area. Parents can also order books that teach yoga lessons, or they can stream videos online.

And a new US Study shows that Cancer survivor, “found that yoga, particularly the deep breathing, meditation and the slow stretching movements actually help reduce inflammation and pain. 200 women participated in the study and they were randomly assigned to two groups”. Benefits of Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors As the study does not claim that it can heal cancer or that it would keep it from coming back, but it does offer an alternative to alleviate the pain and anxiety that a breast cancer survivor experiences.

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