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Sophia has been writing posts for me now for a while and since we are beginning a new year, I wanted to introduce more about Pantone Colors for 2016 you might have read my post on home decor and fashion if not Read More Here I see these colors have made a big swing in colors from last year.  Please enjoy Sophia’s article and find her social circles at the bottom of the article. But watch the video to see why we are transitioning to the Colors Of 2016 to include

Pantone’s-Twin-Colors-Collage 01Using Your DIY Skills

Knitting is not the only thing your handy hands can do to make your home trendy. As mentioned, these two colors go great with vintage décor, so you could gather some knowledge about decoupage, and put your skills to a test. If you have some old wooden chairs, cabinets, club tables or some similar items, you can remove the old paint, paint them with Serenity or Rose Quartz and, optionally, use napkins for decoupage for a stronger retro feel.

Arranging the Details

People do not say “The devil is in the details” for nothing. How you will arrange the accessories throughout the space can make or break the entire look you are trying to create. The trick is to find just the perfect measure, not to go overboard, but also to not allow your intentions to go unnoticed.

The wisest option would be to choose one dominant color (walls, rugs, etc.) and one accent for accessories. Some details you can use for that purpose are paintings, photo frames, vases, flower pots, clocks, storage baskets, table lamps, etc. Also opt for popular 2 vs. 2 walls, meaning that you can paint two vis-à-vis walls in Rose Quartz and two in Serenity.

Replacing the Replaceable

We do not expect you to buy a new Rose Quartz couch as soon as the color trend changes, but there are some items which are quite affordable and can make a major difference in the overall décor. Start your trendy updates with rugs. Decide on just one shade as a focal point if you do not want your home to turn out somewhat kitsch.

You can move on to the curtains. Opt for soft transparent material, which will enhance the sense of calmness these two colors are trying to evoke. Other affordable items you can update are covers, tablecloths, pillows, lazy bags, poufs, etc.

Incorporating-some-warmth-with-pantone-colors-2016Incorporating Some Warmth

Pantone’s colors are strongly reminiscent of time far behind us, so they are perfect if you want to conjure a vintage feel in your home. And there is nothing more vintage and warm than knitted pieces arranged across the room. To make it even more meaningful, you can buy cheap yarn online, watch some YouTube tutorials if you do not have previous knitting experience and knit covers, pillowcases, various decorations, etc.

These were just some ideas on how you can incorporate Pantone’s colors of the year into your home. If you have some of your own, feel free to try. The most important thing is that the tranquil blue and warm pink will surely fill your home with a soothing sense of order and peace.

hero-spring-flowers-Flowers for Planting, Decorating or Anything in Between

Pantone picked two: rose quartz and serenity. These colors are soft, much like the colors of many spring flowers. They channel mindfulness, well being, and relaxation.

Adding fresh flowers to your decor in Pantone Colors is easy with this guide from FTD Fresha guide to paring up spring flowers for planting, decorating or anything in between. Check out their inspiring floral mood boards. The colors of the flowers are amazing!

Fresh ideas.

Fresh inspiration.

Fresh outlook.

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