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Today I come to you with hope in my heart in this time of uncertainty with the Corona Virus. I know for me I have times of anxiety and anxious thoughts and being alone most of the time it can be worse so I have to pull up the bootstraps and not allow myself to fall into a ditch. We […]

Friday Features Linky Party

When you’re going through chemotherapy, the last thing you’re thinking about is your looks. You may be feeling weak, nauseous, or just tired. Worrying about your next full body mri scan for cancer will be your first priority until a big event, anniversary, or a birthday comes up. Typically after you’ve completed your therapy, your lashes could take 6-8 weeks to grow […]

3 Things You Can Do If You Lose Your Eyelashes ...

Buying a gift for your boyfriend can be a bit… let’s just say that it can be a hard time. Especially if you’ve been together for quite some time now, it seems like you’ve gifted him with everything that you could possibly come up with. Socks – check, underwear – check, anything that almost everyone else you come up with […]

5 Best Accessories to Gift your Boyfriend

Home renovations have grown in popularity over the last two decades. It is now common to find a house undergoing some improvements. Many factors are inspiring tips and trends that are arguably the most influential for improvements in a home. The Need for Sustainable Spaces    One of the notable developments in the twenty-first century is that people have become […]

Why Home Renovations are Crucial in the Real Estate Industry