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While many people still resort to traditional pain medication, others are looking at alternate ways to manage health ailments. Dealing with pain, both mild and chronic, is becoming one of the common conditions people are looking to manage naturally.  More people are becoming aware of the long-term damage over-the-counter pain medication can do to your body. For this reason, individuals […]

Dealing With Pain Naturally

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Hi everyone, since our last linkup, I have been busy getting things ready for my living room decor changes and while some of you may know, I have been having major back problems for about 3 years and I have tried so many things including 12 weeks of rehab, so try and alleviate the pain last week I had an […]

Friday Features Linky Party

You have decided to make things official and put a ring on her finger – congratulations! But wait, do you have any plans for how you are going to do that? If not, then don’t worry, we have got you covered! Whether you are waiting on your girl to ask a question or you are getting down on your one […]

How to Plan a Perfect Marriage Proposal?