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Planning the perfect wedding can be a bit overwhelming. But you’re not alone though! Ask any bride-to-be, and you’ll surely get an answer that is beyond nervous. Brides-to-be tend to keep track of even the tiniest of details for their wedding, so there’s no wonder how they get all those wedding nerves. Although, being meticulous is not entirely a bad […]

Must-Haves for the Perfect Wedding Reception

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   Welcome to A Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party#192!! We always get a head start each week and our Co-Hosts make the choices from the previous week’s linkup! Well, I am starting this week’s party late due to 2 computers and a lot of frustration not being able to login through the Screensaver, calling researching and all that, still not working […]

Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

When you hear skate shoes, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A certain brand? A casual look? In the end, what differentiates normal shoes from Skate shoes is the use that will be given and the technology with which they are built. Double stitch, vulcanized sole or supertype. In this post, we will explain the different terms […]

Skate Shoes – An Explanatory Guide for Your Understanding

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity had devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” – Russell Sage Part of being a responsible adult is to ensure that you have an income when you reach retirement age. Additionally, the amount you need […]

Growing Your Property Investment Portfolio: Ways to Build a Passive ...

Car accidents happen when you least expect them to, and you might not have seen yours coming. If you had seen what was happening, you would likely have tried to prevent it. Because you don’t know what caused your accident, you also might not know who was at fault. You need to find out, though, if you hope to win […]

Figuring Out Who Is at Fault for Your Car Accident

Sometimes a picture can tell a story better than we ever could. The same is true for car accidents. No matter how descriptive you are, some people won’t understand or envision your accident until seeing a photograph. When it comes to car accident claim cases, you’ll also want to provide as much photographic evidence as possible.  You can never have […]

What to Photograph at the Scene of Your Car Accident

Massive commercial trucks deliver us the goods that keep our economy afloat. From toys to food, commercial trucking is a booming industry that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. You don’t have to analyze the profits of these significant trucking companies to realize this fact.  If you’ve driven on any roadway in America, you’ve seen countless semi-trucks that were in transit […]

Why Are Trucks Dangerous on the Roadway?

The fight or flight reflex of many drivers kicks in following a car accident. The idea of fleeing a car accident is tempting and irresistible to many drivers across the country. Maybe it’s because they’re in the heat of the moment, or it’s because they want to avoid repercussions for their actions, whatever the case, fleeing the scene of a […]

Should You Remain At The Scene of A Car Accident?