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Taking Responsibility For Your Health 1 comment
Individualizing Health When it comes to your health, it’s important to remember the you part of it! When you select a doctor or go on a treatment plan, make sure you are getting care specific to what you need and respond well to. This is also important in your daily wellness practices. While there are some overarching principles regarding good […]

Individualizing Health and Taking Responsibility

ome Renovation Image Julie Whitmer
If you’ve spent a long time in your current home, but need to expand on the space available, you face a tough dilemma. You’ll probably have fallen in love with your home, which will make the “do I relocate or not” decision even more difficult. There are various situations where you’ll need to address whether it’s wiser to renovate or […]

Is It Wiser to Renovate or Buy a New House?

Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018
Tiles for the Maximalism Trend For what feels like a lifetime, minimalism has been the go-to trend for homeowners and designers alike. While beautifully timeless and classic, the minimalism trend is slowly being bypassed by a bolder and more colorful look, maximalism. Best summed up as the total opposite of minimalism, maximalism focuses on rich colours, patterns and textures. This […]

Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018