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Decorque Cards, sending people a greeting card
Coasting Along: How to Turn Old Cards into Placemats & Coasters Lesley Stevens designs and produces beautiful handmade cards from her home in Oxfordshire and a unique part of her range is in what she calls “coaster cards”, these combine a fantastic card with a coaster that will brighten up any room and can be found on her website Decorque […]

How to Turn Old Cards into Placemats and Coasters

Almond Joy Cookies 27 comments
These Yummy cookies “taste” like macaroon made with oatmeal or an Almond Joy, they are packed with flavor have chunky chocolate chips and are made with almond flour and don’t require refined sugar!!  You can use brown sugar in place of palm sugar or coconut sugar. They make a small batch of (12) next time I will double the recipe. […]

I Made The Almond Joy Cookies