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The event begins on 04/13/2013 and Ends 04/16/2013 Winners will be announced and notified. For a chance to win, follow the rules & lets see, how you do. The prize will be a co-host with me, the time is now to signup for this opp, the upcoming event will be in May,  you just have to do a few things […]

"While I Am Away Event Part #1

“Easy Pillsbury Crescent Roll Cheese Danish” Heat oven to 350◎ This is the easiest fruit croissants I have ever made and they are delicious. They are made with: 1.1 package of refrigerator Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 2. 4 oz Cream cheese 3. Frozen fruit your choice (enough for the center) (or a tbsp jam) 4. Prepared icing (I used Pillsbury Vanilla Cream) So […]

Easy Crescent Roll Cheese Danish My Way