10 Ways Single Moms Can Still Have Fun

I’m sure there are lots of single moms and I wanted to re-share this post that was written by Rhonda Wilkins as she shares her ideas on ways to have fun with your kids and many are free to enjoy, but all are good ideas.

10 Ways Single Moms Can Still Have Fun

“Mom and kids …..Just because you find yourself being a single mom does not mean that fun can’t exist in your life any longer. Granted, life may be a bit tougher than it was before, and it may be harder to find the time to do things, but it doesn’t mean that you’re disqualified from having some good times. It may be a little bit difficult at first to juggle the responsibilities of being a mom and your own person, but you will find that getting out and enjoying yourself is something that really is helpful. Below are some things that single moms can do that are still fun!

1. Fun at Home
Instead of trying to find and pay a babysitter, why not have movie nights at your place? Have your friends come over and watch movies. Dinner parties are great ways to have fun at home. Invite friends for dinner and then pull out some games to play. If they have children, have them bring them along and let the kids have some fun too.

2. Quiet Fun
Because you have the internet at your disposal, playing some games online is fun and its always available. Keno and Scrabble can both be played online and you can even join friends online to play games. With Keno, you can actually have a chance to win some money to put towards a babysitter when you do want to go out!

3. Join the Kids
If you have children who enjoy sporting events, go with them to some local football and baseball games. You may just find that there are plenty of other single parents out there doing the same thing and build a social group that you can network with for some fun.

4. Single Moms
Find some single, fun moms who have kids about the same age as your kids. Maybe they are at gymnastics class with your child, or in the same class at school, or on the PTA meetings you attend. You can make some good friends online as well who live in your area on singles websites.

5. Play Date
When you meet someone single you like and begin to date, arrange a play date with the kids. You don’t want to be selfish and forget that your kid’s opinion of this person counts too. Put yourself out there where you can meet other singles and when you feel comfortable enough to introduce them to your kids, see how they feel about them.

6. Gym Time
Lots of single moms join the gym for exercise and to get back in shape. Some gyms have daycare to watch your children while you workout. Getting out and getting in shape while being out in the open where you can meet other singles is a great idea!

7. Ladies Night Out
If you have a group of friends you enjoy getting together with, pick a night a week or every two weeks that you can get out and leave the kids at home to have some fun. If there are four or five of you, one can volunteer to stay at home and keep everyone’s children. Rotate the person watching the kids so everyone has their time to get out as well as watch the kids.

8. Biking or Walking
Get together with singles or even just other moms in the neighborhood for long walks or bike rides after dinner. Grab the kid’s bikes and let them follow along or pull them in a wagon. Pushing babies in a stroller or having a child seat on your bike answers the question about what to do with children! They want to get out and have some fun too.

9. Camping with Kids
Moms and kids both love being entertained outdoors. Camping is a fun way to spend time playing as well as relaxing. Pitch a tent, have a campfire and roast marshmallows. Kids love roughing it outdoors and you will too!

10. Road Trips
Weekend road trips are great fun with the kids. Plan a day at an amusement park or in a town with plenty of fun things to do and see. Have some nice fun with your children and let the stresses of being a single mom be washed away for the weekend. Your kids will appreciate the special memories you create for them.
These are just a few fun ideas for single moms and their kids. If you look hard enough, you won’t ever run out of options. It’s not necessary to have a dad at home to have fun with the family and alone.

Rhonda Wilkins writes about parenting, self-help & personal finance at grouphealthinsurance.org.

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