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Create a special learning and playing space for your kids

Having kids’ own space for playing, learning and are relaxing is very important as well as beneficial for child’s development in many different aspects of life. With a secure place where they can devote their time and energy to something they find interesting and new, children are more likely to express the will to study and play alone or with their friends more freely and openly. Here are some suggestions you should keep in mind while creating kids’ special space:

Kids Room Ideas

  1. Child’s own place

If the children do not have their own room, make a special corner for them in the common area. Give them a blanket, shelf or box for toys and let it be their ‘territory’ where others do not have an access. This is especially important if you have more than one child, and each of them must have ‘their own territory’ where they will feel safe. This way, the children learn to set their own limits and respect others. Therefore, they will understand when you explain that they should not take someone else’s toys without asking. To learn to respect other people’s boundaries, it is necessary for kids to have their property, their place at the table, some clothes that only they wear, a toy that is their alone, and so on.Kids Rooms Organized Ideas and Inspiration-2

  1. Creative room

The kids need space to express creativity. For this purpose, larger parts remodeled into chalkboards are not bad. This can be done on the cabinet, part of a wall or a whole wall of the room. There is no need to buy a new one and take up the existing space when it can be made into an integral part of the already existing furniture. Moreover, a nice lazy bag in the corner is a great place for reading time and daydreaming, especially if combined with an interesting lighting solution.

The inventive ideas take children’s bedrooms to the next level

  1. Play time

It is important to give the children toys that are adapted to their age and disposition, but you do not need to constantly acquire and consume everything that hits the market. With a swing, a doll, a book and a space to dream, my girls are more than happy. The important thing is to incorporate everything into the kids’ space, where you would not mind if they mess something up. For example, you can create a racetrack on the floor or make a doll house wall with washi tape. Creative rugs can prove to be perfect for a younger child who still does not need a desk. There are many playful and educational rugs with maps, letters, numbers, etc. where kids can lie down, draw, play, learn, make stuff and much more. There is even an option for a Twister rug, which, believe me, can be a great solution for physical activity during colder months.

  1. Desk surrounded by shelves

Shelves that are in fact containers are a great option for kids. They can be combined with standard shelves and thus provide more room for toys and books. I must say that this little trick was a real lifesaver for me and my girls. With labels on every container, they can easily find and put everything back, without fighting over which toy belongs to whom and making a mess all over the place. With interesting stickers that we put on the containers, it became a real pleasure for them to catalogue their stuff and keep everything in order. Moreover, open areas of shelves serve as a great display for Sideshow Collectibles which makes room even more organized because you do not want anything to spoil the view at your precious doll collections.

  1. Room for friends

It is important that children have their own space, which they are proud of and want to share it with friends. If you have a large room you will have no problem, simply place a large table where they can do activities. But if you have a small space you have to use your imagination to create a multifunctional environment and kids’ space to dream, read and play is the same. The great space for kids to share with their friends is the ground itself, with a rug and cushions, where you can throw all the toys on.

Remember parents, if you want to renew your child’s bedroom or create a new special place for your kid, your intention should be to create a space where kids can awaken their ingenuity and imagination, where they can concentrate to study and also dream, in addition to meeting with friends or being alone while still having fun. Since we all know that our kids are so cute, check out ENTRYbaby.com All Ages in Commercials, TV Shows, Movies, and Modeling

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