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Weekends Are Fun is a blog hop for many different kinds of posts, whether you have just made something, written a tutorial, have a recipe to share, flowers, garden ideas, inspiration, well you get the idea. I would love for you to share your blog, and do me a favor and share this hop. Last week we had minimal participation and I would like it to build, so as everyone knows sharing is an important of getting the word out.

Note: All links will be Pinned To Our Pinterest Party Board I have 6,996 Followers so far.  NEW to “Weekends Are Fun” is my way of giving back by featuring new friends, to share a little about them, so here we go!!

Mystery Case – She calls herself Ms. Mystery Case, she traveled for many years struggling with employment until she decided to start her own business “Virtual Assistant”. As a virtual assistant she helps those who would like to start a blog but are not trained and helps get you started. She has 3 lovely girls, and lives in Perth. Stop by her blog and get to know her Mystery Case
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            Anne-Marie Nichols
This Momma Cooks! On A Diet – Her name is Susan Brooke, she is a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant for the past 10 years. Her first bog called This Momma Cooks, originated from recipes she made for her family, as time went by her goal changed and her blog suffered, until a friend called and ask why, her answer and I quote (“ I didn’t have time to keep up my blog since I was focused on losing weight and eating more healthfully”.) unquote. After that she thought that readers would like to learn to cook healthy meals for their families. Thus The Momma Cooks! On A Diet! was started.  Stop by check out gluten free recipes, family and travel.

B for…….. Bernadyn blog, she is married and has two children she has a creative hunger to try new things. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida and loves to write about places to travel, places to eat, cooking diy projects, Her favorite things are writing, reading, traveling, photography and sharing life’s journeys with her family. She would also like to discuss guest posts for her blog. Stop by B for….. and meet her!!
Featured on her blog today is Lemon Bars
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If you are interested in being a “Featured Friend” in future posts let me know here⇒ Click To Read More ⇐

Just a few Rules:
Link up your blog
Pin the blog before you.
Tell me what you will be doing this weekend, parades, picnics, shopping?

I would love if you Follow One of My Links, I promise to return the favor!!

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About Karren Haller

I am a +70 Blogger that loves connecting with other women through blogging. A new recipe always intrigues, finding a new craft, creating bracelets occasionally and gardening is a favorite and writing brand reviews is a favorite for my readers. But most of all the connection to other bloggers. Creativity, simple life and getting things done

33 thoughts on “Weekends Are Fun Blog Hop

  • Julie

    Thanks Karren, I just discovered this party that you host! Thanks too for following my blog with GFC. Have a wonderful long weekend.

  • Bernadyn @ B is for...

    Thanks so much, Karren for introducing my blog here, that means a lot! I’m working on a new post so definitely will be back to link up and join in the party. Thanks for hosting this. 🙂

  • Vickie

    Good evening, Karren. It’s my first time here – thanks for hosting the party! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  • karren Post author

    Hi Vickie, Im happy to have you stop by, wishing you a great weekend!!

  • karren Post author

    Hi Shannon, Im happy you found me on Create With Joys blog, nice to meet you:)
    Have a great weekend!!

  • karren Post author

    Looking forward to have you stop back by. And your welcome!! Those bars are going to haunt me, I must make them for a party this weekend.

  • Sam

    Thanks so much for inviting me! I’ve shared it on my facebook page & I’m heading over to add a new ‘like’.
    Happy Creating!

  • XmasDolly

    What a nice surprise that you should stop by and sign up on my linky! Thank you so much. I hope we can make a habit of it every Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I’m following all your social networks that I can find here. Have a great day too! hugzzzzzzz

  • karren Post author

    Hi Sam, thank you for stopping by and following too. Appreciate the ‘like”. Its a great help to get noticed.
    Have a great weekend, Karren

  • karren Post author

    Haha, I too want to make a habit of stopping by your weekend hop. And thank you for following all my social networks, I am yours as well.
    Have a great weekend,
    hugs Karren

  • karren Post author

    You are welcome for the feature, good to know, that I got it right. Wishing you great success with your business, I know how much time is involved in being a virtual assistant. Hoping you have a great weekend, Hope to see you again soon

  • Glenna @ My Paper Craze

    Hey Karren! Thanks for letting me know about your party. I just linked up. We’re just getting our party off the ground. I thought I would mention that on Google+ I create an “event” and send out an invite to our circles. We’ve had a pretty good response from it. If you’re not doing it already, you might want to consider it. Have a great weekend!

  • karren Post author

    Thank you Glenna for stopping, happy that you did 🙂 I have seen others dd events to Google but ever tried it today. Will see how that goes. I also discovered to that I did not know, almost all my comments on blogs I have been making end up on my G+ timeline, that was a surprise.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Huggz Karren

  • karren Post author

    Hi Claire, thank you again for stopping by my little blog, have a great weekend!!

  • karren Post author

    Thanks for stopping by, I just visited your blog and found the post about drink trays, that is so cool I pinned it with your link!!
    Have a great weekend

  • Jessica

    Awesome, thanks so much for sharing and hosting!

    Thank you for linking up with #smallvictoriessundaylinky. Pinned to the Small Victories Sunday board. Hope you link up again next week!

  • Shannon

    Hi Karren! Thanks for letting me know about my Captcha! I hope I fixed it. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind, but I added another blog post! I realized one I thought I’d posted didn’t actually go, so I sent it through, and I think you guys will get a kick out of it! Please let me know if you prefer only one link up. 🙂

  • karren Post author

    Hi Jessica, thank you for coming by as well. I will be looking for you next week!!
    Have a great day!

  • karren Post author

    Wahoo, glad you got that resolved, I know how frustrating it is to have something malfunction on blogs. If you have any questions about blogs or how to do something, just let me know. I build blogs so I know how to do many things. Take care, have a great day! Karren

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