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I haven’t written about blogging for a while but when I was introduced to this tool, I just had to share. It is a really easy to use and I had fun trying out, I put in a few words(preferably nouns) and it comes up with an idea/title for my post, just like I did for this one. But not only for this post but it generates 5 at a time, save and write about them later. Just a bit of tweaking when necessary, just use the tool to get you going. It was created by Hubspot and is called BLOG TOPIC GENERATOR

Why We Love Generator (And You Should, Too!)

So when you go to Hubspots Site you will find Blog Topic Generator
Just follow the directions on the left as you see in diagram
Blog topic generator

You fill in the words and click Give me Blog Topics! I chose for this example [Cooking gourmet chefs, and recipes], and below is what was generated.
Find The Blog Topic Generator Here a week of blog topics For more about Blogging Helps You Can find e-books for your reading and videos in the Hubspot Library such as “How To Get 10,000 Bog Readers” or “Holiday Shopping and Marketing” or “Free Icons for Marketers” [ Check out Their Library Here ]

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