Is Your Skin Ready For The Holidays

A Holiday-Ready Skin Care Routine

The winter holidays are soon upon us, so it’s high time we started freshening up our appearance for the upcoming festive events. During this period it’s crucial that we provide our skin with special care since the cold and dry weather can significantly damage it. Therefore, we have come up with a couple of easy-to-follow steps which will help you update your skin care routine for the following holiday season and look better than ever.

Uncover your hidden glow by exfoliating your skin 

The first step towards creating the perfect winter skin care routine is by introducing regular exfoliation. During this season we constantly expose our skin to dry cold air outside and to hot air when we are inside which forces our skin to lose water, causing the skin cells to die out faster. For this reason, it’s necessary to exfoliate regularly in order to get rid of all the dead cells and keep your skin healthy during harsh weather.

We recommend going for a sea salt scrub which you can mix with herbal skin products like lavender essential oils, or massage oils.

Keep your skin moisturized 

As we have already mentioned, the dry air is a big enemy of young looking skin so it’s crucial to focus your attention on keeping it moisturized daily. Firstly, although we like to have long hot showers during winter, it’s important to note that this can strip your skin of its oils which serve to protect it from drying out and thus keep it moisturized. Therefore, focus on using lukewarm water instead, particularly while washing your face and hands.

And, remember to incorporate an oil-based moisturizer with natural ingredients into your skin care routine after each wash since this will keep your skin hydrated and healthy during the holiday months. However, if your skin is too oily, don’t skip the moisturizer, but just stick to oil-free ones.

Use sunscreen 

You heard it right. Even though we don’t consider the sun as a threat to our skin during winter, the truth is quite the opposite. Despite what the thermometer tells you, the sun’s rays can be extremely damaging and prolonged exposure to them can cause the skin to dry out and age faster. Therefore, it’s vital to invest in strong sunscreen with an SPF of 50 and above if you want your skin to look great for the upcoming holidays.

And, in order to help you find the best of the best for your skin, we recommend opting for amazing cosmeceutical skin care which consists of products that have excellent medicinal properties, which will help you look young and glowing.

Water – our skin’s favourite ally 

Another typical mistake that we make and consequently damage our skin during winter is that we turn to hot drinks like cocoa, coffee, and tea because we simply want to warm up. Additionally, we forget that without water our skin can’t get hydrated which will cause it to flake and age more quickly.

Therefore, make sure to consume even more water than usual during the cold holiday season. And, if you want to infuse it with additional ingredients to get the most out of it for your skin and add some flavour to it, we recommend mixing water with some ginger, lemon and honey.

Food for your skin 

Apart from keeping your skin looking young and healthy by drinking lots of water, it is equally important to eat properly as well. The most crucial thing you have to keep in mind while creating good winter diet is that it must contain a lot of omega-3 which can be found in seafood. Additionally, you should try your best to stay away from processed sugar foods since they have been proven to cause acne outbreaks and other harmful skin conditions like eczema.

As we can see, it doesn’t take much effort to update your skin care routine so that you can look your best for the upcoming holiday season. All you need to do is drink lots of water, plan the right diet, and protect yourself from the tricky winter Sun radiation.
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