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Over the weekend stumbling around blogs I found Robins blog, Fluster Buster, not sure how I got there, like so many times it truly is stumbling. And I didnt know if my readers have visited her blog before but I wanted to share a bit about her, she has some awesome tips and the ones that I was intrigued with were her household ideas from her grandmother, that she is in the process of recreating a tips & tricks note book with the help of her family. Good she is doing it now.  Each week she gives her family a topic and they give her tips that they learned and remember.

From what I read, these were tips that came during WWII and from a notebook her grandmother created.

In her WWII Series you will find uses for Olive oil, Cream of Tarter, Uses of Alcohol, Borax, Vicks Vapo Rub, Vinegar, Witch Hazel, Fels Naptha, Petroleum Jelly, Baking Soda and Corn Starch.

She also offers recipes, DIY ideas and so much more.

So if you would like to get to know Robin and her blog and read her WWII Series head on over To Fluster Buster and tell her, Karren sent you.

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