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I dont usually get excited about being my age until someone wants my opinion about something you do after the age 50, and I am way past that. But I thought it would be fun when Katherine from Katherine’s Corner put out a request for bloggers over 50 to participate in a challenge. i jumped at the chance!

Katherines Corner is shining the light on bloggers age 50 plus and I am excited to be part of her blog series, “Between The Lines” bloggers age 50 and up are ask to write about the topic “Between the Lines” introduce our readers to the blog series and share our feelings about blogging in the second half of life. We would love our readers to visit and support all of the bloggers in the series, the series runs every Tuesday for 10 weeks BETWEEN THE LINES

Katherine’s question to me was what have you found to be the most challenging aspect of being a over 50 blogger? 

I started blogging back in 2009 as a way to share my hobby for my jewelry creations and an etsy store to market bracelets I made but as the time passed I found that I had other things I wanted to share like recipes and gardening a love of fashion. So I think for me over the years blogging has been a transition and finding a niche, which is ever changing. There are so many facets of blogging when first starting out, how to build a blog, learning what drives a blog, how to develop a community of followers, at first I was not thinking about who would read my blog, I think it was just for me to express my creativity.

And then I found there were others who would ask for help and then it became a desire to learn and then teach others along the way. I have never been afraid of a challenge  and so learning all aspects of blogging is fun for me and at the time I was also learning about computers and how they worked.  So like many I was self taught by finding tutorials on how to blog and what blogging was all about. I wasn’t sure I liked the first blog I built, so a built another and another, about 12 for me. I had one for fashion, one for cooking one for everything and of course the first about jewelry designs. And as time went on I found I loved working with other women bloggers to help encourage them with their blogging skills.

I would hold online classes to teach them how to build blogs,  share what I had learned, trouble shoot and often making graphics and banners for their blogs. So the whole blogging experience has given me so many ways to express myself and to connect to women, because I love to help.

The challenging part of being a blogger over 50 is the energy it takes to stay on top of all the changing technology and challenges, social media and topics to write about. {That is a whole other post.} But it is fun to find other blogs that are of interest to me for so many reasons, I have met some of the most amazing women of all ages and look forward to many more relationships and building camaraderie with more wonderful women! The Between The Lines series has really helped in meeting others over 50 I would have not had the opportunity to connect with and find so many with similar interests.

I hold 2 weekly linkup parties, Wonderful Wednesday and Friday Features, where each week I like to feature bloggers that have visited from the previous week and invite you to stop by and share your blog. It is a fun way for me to meet other bloggers and learn from them.

Blogging keeps my mind on its toes with all it has to offer and I look forward to seeing what else is possible!!

Here are a few examples of blogging tutorials I have shared.

Between The Lines-Karren age 68 Blogger Oh My Heartsie Girl

When was the last time you saw a sunset?

We live in the desert and have beautiful sunsets all the time, so the last beautiful sunset was just a few days ago. They always fill the sky with such amazing colors but when the sky is pink and blue at the same time, I call that Sky Blue Pink! Mother nature has a way of expressing herself with a beautiful palette of colors. Oh and our sunrises are spectacular.

And now I look forward to getting to know others of “Between the Lines” with Katherine’s event. What a great opportunity for us to have our blogs showcased with so many wonderful women. It is an honor and a pleasure. And if you would like to follow on any of the social media I would love it, let me know and I will do the same!

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