Industry’s First Greek Spreadable Cheese Review

New Greek Yogurt; I wanted to share with you a product I have found that we are enjoying on bagels and toast. We have always used the traditional cream cheese, but now theres one better.

Let me explain; Green Mountain Farms has introduced Greek Cream Cheese, it has 2X More Protein, 1/2 the Fat than Cream Cheese, plus Live & Active Cultures. It is a the essence of the Mediterranean diet, and can be added to bagels, toast and used in recipes in place of the traditional cream cheese.

And what make this cream cheese different it is has greek yogurt that is whipped t make it which helps to make it silky and smooth and is easy to spread.
8ozTub_render_REGc The spread is ideal for snacks and easy for entertaining, add it to celery for a healthy snack, or dip pretzels or spread on crackers. I have tired them all. And because I am dieting, it is great to add extra protein to my gluten free crackers.

There are also other flavors available, but I have not yet tried them.Greek Cream Cheese is now available in three decadent flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, and Onion & Chive. Available in the cream cheese section.
GreekGarlicSpreadSleeveUp_1 Now you ask where can you find this new product: It is sold in Sam’s Club, Stop&Shop, Market Basket and there’s more, and you can find more information and print a {55¢} coupon from their website at
Greek Cream Cheese Coupon WebsiteDisclosure: I was not paid or compensated for this review, it is from my purchase and use of this product that I am sharing this review.

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