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Greenhouse Growing Hi everyone I wanted to let you know of a new hobby that I am going to get involved in. Growing vegetables, however, I live in the dessert and it is very difficult to do so in the heat, so, we have just set up a greenhouse so that I can control the environment. And something no-one knew is that I used to grow and bottle all my own vegetables, such as beans and tomatoes and make my own salsa (I could never make enough) and stewed tomatoes for making chili, spaghetti and casseroles, any dish calling for tomatoes. The fruits I would purchase from fruit stands to bottle, peaches, apricots, cherries and make jams and jellies. Apples I would make into applesauce and apple butter. It was a very rewarding experience and something I dont hear many talk about anymore.

Anyway onto the greenhouse hobby, I cant wait to get started, the greenhouse is assembled now, (thanks in part to my handy son (we call MacGyver as he can do anything). One of the thing’s is I will be conducting some tests with our products we manufacture for agriculture, for the past 17 years (another unknown fact by my readers) we sell our products worldwide and part of the reason for our trip to China, is we are meeting with someone that has purchased over 5000 greenhouses that they want to use our products.

Ok got off tracked there….We just need to install some shelves, (which my son will build) and then off to the nursery to by some plants to get started planting (I am really excited). I plan up doing updates and details in pages here on m blog if you’re interested in my new hobby or greenhouse gardening.

Floor Frame #1

Frame of Greenhouse #2


Greenhouse with door#3

Greenhouse with windows#4

Inside Greenhouse#6

Greenhouse Complete

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