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This is our 41st Week since the “Oh My Heartsie Girls” Wordless Wednesday began  Our Wordless Wednesday is an opportunity for you to meet and make friends with bloggers from around the world. We are honored to have visitors from  USA, South Africa, Europe, UK, Japan, Austria, Romania
Germany, Australia, Asia and more!!!
Where do you blog from?

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Oh-My-Heartsie-Girls-WWOh My Heartsie Girl and Co-Hosts, Welcome you to The Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday, Week 41 where we take the opportunity to introduce you to new friends, as they are highlighted in our posts each week. Something new each week!!
Something new on our event our Co-Hosts make the Feature Choices each week, highlighting their favorite links from the past week.
Wordless Wednesday where we start early ❢❢
939425cdiy8p6frcWe look forward to your recipes, reviews, diy crafts, gardening hints, travel, beauty ideas, jewelry you make, a card you have made and Linky Parties,
we want to see it all!

And if you Missed Last Weeks Party You Can Still Check Out All Those That Linked up along with our Co-Hosts and their wonderful Blogs!!!
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Divider 989321gyey13hzit♥~MEET THE HOSTS~Oh My Heartsie Girl ♥Karren-Host // Oh My Heartsie Girl // Breakfast Sausage Roll-Ups // I was looking for something new to make for my grandson while he is here for breakfast and this is what I came up with. I’m calling them Sausage roll-ups, buts who’s to say that this is just for breakfast, I would eat these for dinner too. And my husband like them too. And and by the way, this is nothing new, theres pigs-in-a-blanket.
But these are my version. 

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Divider 989321gyey13hzitSimply Wright
 ♥Co-Host Ashleigh // Simply Wright //Sweet Treats in Brussels// Have a look at all the yummy treats that Brussels, Belgium has to offer!
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Divider 989321gyey13hzitCherishing A Sweet Life ♥Co-Host Christine // Cherishing A Sweet Life  // 5 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Summer // With August still being a hot Summer month, today I am sharing 5 easy ways to refresh a Bedroom for Summer.
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Divider 989321gyey13hzitCouponin Diva ♥Co-Host Fredda // Coupon Diva  // 7 Things To Do Before and After You Hit Publish // Now that you’ve created this awesome post you need to do these 7 things before and after you hit publish
Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | YouTubeeDivider 989321gyey13hzitFrom Evija with Love Co-Host Evija Roberts// From Evija With Love // Update Old Glass Container Using Some Gravel // Have you ever thought of gravel and home decor used in one sentence? well me neither.. But believe it or not gravel can not only be used as beautiful decoration for your garden, it can also be used inside the house!
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Two Chicks and A Mom 8-9 ♥Co-Host Donna Wirthlin //  Two Chicks And A Mom // Nothing Like Homemade Bread//I have been making this bread for years. My family loves the moist, delicious taste and I love how quickly it comes together. So tasty hot out of the oven or later!
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Divider 989321gyey13hzitGlam Glitter Graffiti
 ♥Co-Host Chantale Evans // Glam Glitter Graffiti // Sentiments // Just a little about me and my blogging journey!
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Divider 989321gyey13hzit
Mommies Point of View ♥Co-Host Glenda Cates // Mommies Point of Review // Build a Refurbished Garden Out of Tires // With Summer coming to a close and School starting back soon Charlie and I have decided to start a Garden using refurbished items you find around the house. Do you have any suggestions
for our Garden?? As we need Bird feeders and tables and chairs to sit out in.
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Divider 989321gyey13hzit
ROcket Looks ♥Co-Host Ritu // Rocket Looks // Red Kidney Bean with Jeera Rice // I know, I’m bit late to dedicate this recipe to our friendship, but who says who can shower love and affection to your friends on any particular day. It can be anytime, any day and anywhere. So this post is for my friends because this recipe reminds me of those golden days we have spent together. I just revived my days back with this recipe.
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Mid Michigan Mom
 ♥Co-Host Lyn Sweeny // Mid Michigan Mom // DIY: Sea Shell Art // Enjoy the beauty of the beach year round with DIY Sea Shell Decor! Don’t overpay for someone to make it for you when you can easily do it in afternoon. Mine brightens my mood when it’s snowing outside =)
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Divider 989321gyey13hzitMilk Momology♥Co-Host Heather Aguayo // Milk Momology // The Best Vegetable Pizza You’ll Ever Eat //Looking for a way to get those kids to eat their veggies? This cauliflower crust is the easiest pizza dough you’ll ever make. The texture and taste are to die for – your family will have no idea how healthy pizza night just got!
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Divider 989321gyey13hzitWith Heart Wide Open♥Co-Host Shandra White Harris //  With Heart Wide Open // Woman to Woman, 5 Lessons We Celebrate! //There are times in Life when you know you need to go, move on, but familiar seems better. The routine, faces, traditions are somehow comforting. Or perhaps breaking the ties, making a move, seems just too painful. Anyone? Lessons we embrace about moving on, stepping aside and showing up, Perhaps you can relate….
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Best Picks from last weeks partyYour Co-Hosts Picks From Last Week
Chemistry Cachet // Light and Fluffy Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes
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5-changes-that-drastically-increased-my-google-adsense-revenue-Chase The Write DreamChase The Write Dream // 5 Changes That Drastically Increased My Google AdSense Revenu
Divider 989321gyey13hzit
sea-scape-shadow-box-table-Lovely-Living-ThingsLovely Living Things // Sea Scape Shadow Box Table
Divider 989321gyey13hzit
Joy Love Food //Spiced Zucchini Bread Mini Loaves
Divider 989321gyey13hzit
Debt Free Divas Dont-Break-the-chainDebt Free Divas // Don’t Break the Chain to Get Out Of Debt
Divider 989321gyey13hzit
boredom busters Mom-ForeverMom Forever // Six Boredom Busters
Divider 989321gyey13hzitBe-Alice
Be Alice// 2015 Ice Cream Galore [Summer Special]
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