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2014 Biannual Blogathon Bash
Biannual Blogathon Bash

This is an event not only offers a chance to work on some duties associate with my blog but also to meet other like minded bloggers. Mini Challenge List

The blogathon is an online event designed to give bloggers a chance to work on all their blogging to-dos and learn more about different aspects of blogging at the same time as many other bloggers. Basically a blogathon=blogging+marathon. Most participants dedicate a large chunk of time during the weekend event to work on their blogs but you can join in even if you can’t dedicate that much time.
So I have joined the Biannual Blogathon Bash for the first time this year to work on goals this weekend.  Kathleen Garber

Basically just a few to get me started
Θ Catch up on reply’s 
Θ Work on and update sidebar ads
Θ Create sidebar bloggers ad
Θ I created a blog format
Θ 7 Key Things You Should Know
Θ Created a Blog Banner
Θ Would love to make connection with new bloggers
Θ Commenting on blogs√
Θ Visit blogs in linky for the Blogathon 
Θ Participate in a Twitter Party 
This will give me a starting point.

For the Mini Challenge I Managed to Completed: Update 6/22/2014 9:00 AM+
Θ Checked Twitter Configuration was correct √
Θ Rewrote my Pitch letter √
Θ Create a Blog Layout √
Θ I created a blog format √
Θ 7 Key Things You Should Know √
Θ Created a Blog Banner √
Θ Connected
 with bloggers from Blogathon
Θ Commented on blogs√
Θ Visit blogs in linky for the Blogathon √
Θ Participated in one Twitter Party √

Θ Completed the Survey √

I also joined the Facebook group and followed all threads for Twitter links, FB pages and Pinterest Accounts. I also entered the contest and was able to complete 11 of the tasks in the Rafflecopter. Whew I was busy and enjoyed every minute of this, I will look forward to the next Blogathon in the fall. If your interested you should connect now, so you wont miss the next scheduled event Biannual Blogathon Bash Event

About Karren Haller

I am a +70 Blogger that loves connecting with other women through blogging. A new recipe always intrigues, finding a new craft, creating bracelets occasionally and gardening is a favorite and writing brand reviews is a favorite for my readers. But most of all the connection to other bloggers. Creativity, simple life and getting things done

5 thoughts on “Biannual Blogathon Bash

  • Jenessa Mullen

    Hi from the blogathon! This is my first time participating, so my goal list is fairly easy this time around. good luck with completing all of your goals!

  • Monique Johnson

    Hi Karren,
    I’m stopping by as part of the challenge for the Blogathon. Your blog is very easy to read, and organized. You are a great model for a newbie like me. Thanks for visiting.

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    Hi there! Your goals look fantastic. Congrats for your goals – how are they going? I got very stuck earlier this morning and spent the twitter party freaking out – my friends rushed in to help, I feel much better AND I cleaned our my sidebar!


    Anyway – I want to connect with more folks and do the connection challenge so here I am.


    Hope to learn more about you soon!

  • Crystal Green

    You have been a busy beaver this weekend. It’s such a wonderful feeling accomplishing all of these wonderful tasks over the Blog-A-Thon weekends. I LOVE them. I love meeting wonderful bloggers such as yourself too.

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