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What you need to know about using Google+
How is Google+ different than other social networks?

⇒Microblogging Format
⇒Gaining new followers
⇒Do Follow Links [ Correction to this statement see below]
⇒Network with strategic circles (Niche)
⇒Private or Public CommunitiesGoogle Plus, G+, Google + Communities, Google Plus Communities, 5 Reasons To Use Google+

1. Google+ is a microblogging format, where you can write a post on Google+ as if you would on your blog with a link back to your blog to Read More note; always end with a question. Because G+ is set up on a microblogging format you can actually create a longer message, include photos, your link and dont forget the hastags. (#)
Read more on Microblogging Here

2. Sharing on Google+ and Engaging With Readers should be your #1 Goal. It can be a leveraging tool to gain new followers and readers. It will almost double your engagement of Twitter = Close 2nd behind Facebook

3. Do Follow Links The first link you add to your Google+ Post passes link juice onto your website or blog you share. Do follow links are the core of building SEO for your blog.

Correction: Google This article has been edited as there’s been a change and the links on the About tab of Google+ Page and Profile are no longer DoFollow links Source

4. You can set up circles to add people that will engage with you in your niche, it makes sense to do this otherwise you are just posting, not knowing if your content is of interest to everyone. You can create circles for for friends to help you to promote by using hastags.

5. This is the most important for seo purposes; any content that you post to a public domain like a Google + community is automatically indexed by Google. You do need to make sure that the community is a public, not private. How this works is it gives your the information you share, another set of search result for related keywords. This will increase the visibility of your content.

Understanding Hashtags in Google + you can search hashtags out to see what is used and note, no matter how many you add to your message, Google makes the choice of hashtags that are the most popular, choosing just a few is best.

Google +: It will almost double your engagement of Twitter = Close 2nd behind Facebook

Circloscope If you use Chrome it is an App Find It Here from my friend Brittany Bullen, learn how it is used to find interesting people, clean out your circles for better engagement, find who actively engages with you and more….

If your looking for information tips and ideas on Building Your Numbers On Pinterest Check out Brittany Bullen blog, she has some great ideas on just how to do that.

And interesting article to lean how Using Hastags on Google+ can help your posts be seen

So all in all what do you like, dislike used or not used or know about Google+? If you like what you have read, please share to Google+ Thanks

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